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Each student is required to complete a Risk Assessment of the community in which they live or work in, or otherwise receive approval for by the instructor. The assessment should be an evaluation of the criteria including the likelihood of a hazard (or hazards) that could occur, identification of each hazard, the impact each hazard would have on the community, and support of your proposed assessment. Each student is to include three (3) separate and distinct hazards that may likely occur. You may also choose actual events to support your proposal. You can use LIRR (Long Island Rail Road, LIPA (Long Island Power Authority, Stonybrook University which is a college “ Medical Center “ and Brookhaven National Laboratory, or you can use Suffolk County Police Headquarters, Long Island New Work) This is risk assessment, so you must write this paper from a man-made disaster perspective, terrorism perspective and natural disaster perspective. Remember I live in Suffolk County, Long Island, New York it must be based on this. The effects can be spread to Nassau County, Long Island and New York City due to the proximity of these locations. Use these links to assist you: MTA “ LIRR LIPA STONYBROOK POLICE DEPARTMENT Do not cite from Wikipedia use it as a reference or look at where the citing comes from in Wikipedia (the original source). Complete a report detailing the overall community structure, who the stakeholders are, and how each disaster or event would affect the community. Be as specific as possible for each hazard. Additionally, explain in the assessment, why the event may likely occur. (Example: Hurricanes in southeast, earthquakes in California, and tornados in the Midwest). The hazards can be man-made, natural, or intentional. You should focus on the following issues: Identification of the community; Demographics; Important structures (Buildings, schools, hospitals, government offices); Law enforcement and government agencies; Infrastructure (roadways, bridges, dams); Transportation; Major employers in the community; Means of communication (for business, individuals, and government agencies); Who is most susceptible; Length of paper is dependent upon the community and potential risk and events. Project grading is based upon the following criteria: Cover Page (1 point) Identification of the locale “ municipality, county, and state (3 points) Demographics including population (10 points) Three types of disasters that may cause risk and would be the most threatening (3 points) Supporting description as to the likelihood of each of the hazards (10 points) At least five stakeholders (5 points) Spelling, punctuation, grammar, and general structure (10 points) Overall content of the Risk Assessment including the impact of each disaster (refer to the focus of the assignment) (50 points) Conclusion (5 points) Source Page (1 point) Timeliness (2 points)

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