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COVID-19, also known as the coronavirus, affected the whole world in 2020, and it is still taking effect in many countries. The world was put into quarantine and had to obey the new public safety rules. While the strict rules did help, it was not enough for the virus to die completely in places such as the United States. Over time, many researchers and scientists from different companies have tried to come up with a cure to get rid of the coronavirus. The U.S. has now gotten a COVID-19 vaccine that could potentially make people immune to the virus. The U.S. can plan to make the newly made vaccine mandatory, and there are mixed opinions about it. While people are fine with taking the vaccine, other people are hesitant and skeptical about it being mandatory. The COVID-19 vaccination should be mandatory because it will help with jobs, will make the cases go down, and will help reopen schools again for students.

Getting a mandatory vaccination is a good idea because it will help U.S. citizens with jobs. When people are searching for or are already in a job, the boss or employer might require them to get a vaccination in order to work. Jobs can have the power to set new rules for public health safety. For example, Rush University Medical Center can “have the right to mandate vaccinations as a condition of employment”(Johnson 16). If people are already vaccinated due to it being mandatory, it will be helpful to employers because they will be informed that they have already got the vaccine shots. In general, the bosses of a job can decide if they want to make vaccination mandatory if they wish to do so. This decision would make the work environment safer to be in, and people are less likely to contract the virus. If people do not take the vaccine for work, they are at risk of getting the virus and spreading it to other workers. Having covid safety precautions and workers who are vaccinated in the work environment will be good for the job/company.

Having the vaccine become mandatory will help bring down COVID-19 cases in the United States. The cases dramatically increased all throughout 2020 in the U.S., due to the poor management of the pandemic situation. A potential solution that can surely affect the cases is if every person in the United States took the vaccine. When a good percentage of the U.S. population has done vaccinated, the coronavirus cases would start decreasing. According to Alex Kacik, “Infectious disease experts estimate that 60% of the community would have to be vaccinated to have herd immunity, where the virus can no longer spread widely” (2). If everyone took a mandated vaccination, the virus would die down effectively. The coronavirus will not be very effective because it will not be widely spread, due to everyone being immunized. By keeping a good track of the U.S. citizens who are vaccinated, the experts can get data and will get a “better handle on what it takes to extinguish COVID-19” (Park 10). Researchers can use all this data to come up with a solution to make the vaccine perfect. As time progresses, the United States can expect coronavirus cases to go on a huge decline if there is a mass percentage of the population that did take the vaccination. COVID-19 will not hurt the U.S. if everyone was immune to it because of the mandatory vaccination.

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When the COVID-19 vaccination takes effect, it will help the United States have a chance of opening schools again. Ever since the global pandemic started, people were put out of school and put in lockdown. Students in the U.S. had to go to virtual learning, and it can take affect their grades in a good or bad way. Also, it takes away the learning experience from students because they now learn through a screen. Having schools make the coronavirus vaccine mandatory will be a good idea in order for a reopening to all students and teachers. Schools having a covid vaccine requirement will be fine because they also mandate other vaccines for other diseases. For example, “Most states mandate vaccinations for diseases easily transmitted in school settings, like polio and measles, while others may not require vaccinations for things like Hepatitis B or HPV, which are most often transmitted through intimate contact — even though such diseases are no less serious and the CDC recommends them for all children”(Camera). Most states require students to have vaccinations in order to enroll. If there is already a mandatory vaccination requirement for schools, there should not be a problem adding the COVID-19 vaccination as a requirement before attending school. Schools would ensure the safety of their students because everyone in the building has taken the vaccine.

While the vaccine can be able to help bring the virus down, there are others who do not want it to be mandatory, let alone not want to take the vaccine. There can be various reasons to not make the vaccine mandatory such as preference, religious reasons, and the cost of the vaccine. Also, people are having conspiracy theories about it. A normal vaccine would take years to develop. Since it is fairly new, researchers are still trying to perfect it and study “whether people who are vaccinated and never experience symptoms can still spread the disease to others” (Park 10). People would want to know if there are any symptoms or side effects to it before getting the vaccine. While it is good to get a vaccine, it is a person’s right if they want to get the vaccine or not.

COVID-19 became a global pandemic in a short amount of time, and no one was prepared for it. The U.S. quickly came up with a vaccination that could help bring safety to their country’s public health. Having a mandatory vaccination will help jobs be safer. Everyone won’t be worried about a worker having the virus. The United States will notice a big decline in coronavirus cases, and it could possibly lead to a normal life again. Everyone in the U.S. can be able to do all the fun activities such as festivals and sports games if people take the vaccine. Soon, the pandemic will be over, and everyone in the world can come out of their houses.

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