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The paper presents the country comparison of the three countries: China, Canada, and Turkey. The study has demonstrated their economic analysis, their description of their country national Five porters analysis. The study presents the SWOT analysis of the three countries. Finally, the demonstration of problems faced by the three countries and suggestions of their solutions will be provided as well.

Country Economic analysis China and Canada and Turkey

Country Economic analysis China

As per World Bank figures, China’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) was roughly 14722.73 billion US dollars in 2020. China’s GDP esteem represents 13.04 percent of the worldwide economy. From 1960 to 2020, China’s GDP arrived at the midpoint of 2576.68 USD Billion, with a top of 14722.73 USD Billion out of 2020 and a low of 47.21 USD Billion out of 1962. China GDP – real figures, authentic information, projection, graph, insights, monetary schedule, and news are on the whole accessible on this page. China GDP – figures, recorded information, and charts – was most as of late refreshed on December 2021 (Li et al., 2021).

Economic analysis of China

There is a statutory commitment to double China’s real GDP by 2020 above its level in 2010—a goal requiring 6.2 per cent average yearly growth in 2019-20. This leaves little room for development and further receding. More concretely, the government is acutely aware of signals of labour market insecurity and wishes to assure intense levels of job creation and income development. Given the political imperatives associated with maintaining a reasonably high GDP growth rate, we anticipate the use of policy stimulus.

Real GDP growth is expected to slow to 6.2 per cent in the first half of 2019 before recovering to 6.4 per cent growth in the second half of the year, for an overall yearly expansion of 6.3 per cent. According to Trading Economics global macro models and analysts’ forecasts, GDP in China is predicted to reach 15600.00 USD Billion by the end of 2021. According to (Li et al., 2021) econometric models, China’s GDP will trend around 16700.00 USD Billion in 2022 and 17400.00 USD Billion in 2023.

Country Economic analysis Canada

Driving Economic Indicator Canada became 0.40 per cent in August 2021 contrasted with the earlier year’s equivalent month. As indicated by Trading Economics worldwide large scale models and examiner figures, the Leading Economic Index in Canada is anticipated to be 0.40 per cent before the finish of this quarter. As indicated by our econometric models, Canada’s GDP MoM is relied upon to drift at 0.30 per cent in 2022.

From 1997 to 2021, the Leading Economic Index in Canada found a median value of 0.19 per cent, with a high of 6.10 per cent in June of 2020 and a low of – 11.20 per cent in April of 2020. This page shows the latest information for – Canada GDP MoM – and past discharges, chronicled highs and lows, present moment and long haul figures, a financial schedule, review agreement, and news. The insights, recorded diagram, gauges, and schedule of deliveries for Canada GDP MoM were last refreshed in December 2021 (Salehi et al., 2021).

Canada GDP MoM

Canada’s economic opportunity score is 77.9, positioning it 10th in the 2021 Index. Its general score has dropped by 0.3 focuses, predominantly because of a property rights decrease. Canada is set first among 32 nations in quite a while, with a general score higher than the local and worldwide midpoints.

This year, Canada’s economy stays in the predominantly free classification since dropping out of the free class in 2015. The least complicated strategy for the public authority to increment financial opportunity is to diminish government spending and, in this manner, help the Index pointer’s helpless score. Work opportunities would be expanded by changing work guidelines to make a more adaptable work market. Coronavirus 19’S IMPACT: As of December 1, 2020, 12,229 Canadians had kicked the bucket because of the pandemic, and the economy was relied upon to shrivel by 7.1 per cent for the year(Salehi et al., 2021).

Country Economic analysis Turkey

Turkey’s economic opportunity score is 64.0, which positions 76th in the 2021 Index. Its absolute score has dropped by 0.4 focuses, essentially attributable to disintegration in financial wellbeing. Turkey is set 37th out of 45 nations in Europe, with a general score below the local normal but higher than the worldwide normal.

This year, the Turkish economy remained reasonably accessible. Any advancement will require a broad change to build the administrative framework’s straightforwardness and effectiveness. All the more critically, the organization should work on legal viability and battle debasement, the two of which have been hurt by the cleansing of the legal framework that followed the endeavored upset in 2016. Coronavirus 19’S IMPACT: As of December 1, 2020, the pandemic had killed 13,936 individuals in Turkey, and the economy was relied upon to decrease by 5.0 per cent for the year.

Without any further shocks, GDP development is relied upon to be 9% in 2021, then, at that point, 3.3% in 2022 and 3.9% in 2023. Immunizations have progressed rapidly, yet explicit populaces stay reluctant, and the quantity of COVID-19 cases has expanded during the harvest time because of the development of more infectious strains. Expansion is incredibly high and industrious (Bedirhanoğlu, 2021). Ongoing loan fee decreases have exacerbated expansion assumptions, the conversion scale, genuine family pay, and outside finance.

GDP of Turkey

As indicated by Trading Economics worldwide large scale models and investigators’ gauges, the GDP of Turkey is anticipated to reach 740.00 USD Billion before the finish of 2021. As indicated by our econometric models, Turkey’s GDP will drift at 810.00 USD Billion of every 2022 and 890.00 USD Billion out of 2023.

From 1960 to 2020, Turkey’s GDP found the middle value of 278.74 USD Billion, with a high of 957.78 USD Billion out of 2013 and a low of 7.99 USD Billion of every 1961. This page shows the latest announced information for – Turkey GDP – just as earlier deliveries, authentic highs and lows, present moment and long haul gauges, a monetary schedule, study agreement, and news. Turkey GDP – numbers, memorable insights, and outlines – was most as of late refreshed in December 2021.

Porter 5 forces China and Canada and Turkey

Porter 5 forces China

Porter 5 forces China

Industry Rivalry

China is a strictly regulated market where the government controls competition, so this element’s power is limited. Furthermore, the fact that the Chinese economy is a monopoly actor, along with its massive market share, implies that it faces little or no competition from existing or, as we will see, new players. Finally, the enormous industry size combined with rapid growth in subscriber levels suggests that Chinese investors do not need to be concerned about Industry Rivalry (Wei et al., 2021).

Entry ad Exit Barriers

Since the worldwide financial area has high sunk expenses, planned undertakings hoping to enter the market should contribute critical capital. This is exacerbated in the Chinese market, where the prerequisite for a solid appropriation network because of the nation’s size and the absence of imaginative innovation accessible to arising organizations implies that this power is medium to low in strength.

Power of Suppliers

Provider power is nonexistent because there is a solitary innovation standard. Given the Chinese market’s absence of mechanical ability, providers can’t apply specialized control on the Chinese market. Besides, because the market is so firmly managed, suppliers have barely any choice to carry on with work in China.

Power of Buyers

Like that of other forces, buyers’ strength is constrained due to the presence of very few actors in the Chinese economic sector. Coupled with low price sensitivity and little reliance on customization, China has a near-monopoly on the industry, evidenced by its amassed extensive customer base in less than a decade.

Threat of Substitutes

China is still an agricultural country with a diminishing hinterland, notwithstanding elite urban communities, yet substitutions for the Chinese market are rare. Beside that, the Chinese market is effectively developing towards web based correspondences to keep up with its market strength in the internet based circle (Wei et al., 2021).

Porter 5 forces Canada

Porter 5 forces Canada

The threat of new entrants

For CNI, the threat of new entrants is relatively minimal. The railroad business is capital intensive, with maintenance capital spending accounting for the lion’s share of total expenditure.

Degree of competition

The significant characteristics for competing with other railroads and forms of transportation are service reliability, service quality, and time sensitivity. In some circumstances, specialized equipment or quality can serve as a competitive dimension. The company’s exclusive access to the Port of Prince Rupert in British Columbia offers them an advantage over Canadian Pacific (CP), CNI’s primary competitor railroad.

Threat of substitution

The intermodal business of Canadian National competes with trucking. Long-distance freight train transit is frequently advantageous in times of low fuel prices. Trains use roughly four times as much fuel as trucks. In the current intense energy price climate, CNI is experiencing stiff competition from transportation businesses (Hafezi et al., 2020).

Customer power

Customers’ bargaining strength in Canada is minimal for Canadian nationals. However, customers in the eastern United States choose to use NSC, CSX, or CNI on specific routes. Compared to a segment of customers in the east of the United States, CNI’s Canadian clients had slightly higher switching costs.

Supplier power

EMD and GE Transportation are two locomotive manufacturers on which Canadian National relies. GE is one of the world’s largest locomotive manufacturers. New manufacturers have substantial entry barriers due to their capital-intensive nature.

Porter 5 forces Turkey

Porter 5 forces Turkey

The threat of New Entrants

New contestants have represented a huge danger to the Turkish market. Most of the undertakings that enter this industry get government advances and awards. Accordingly, they might offer preferred types of assistance over their Turkish partners, which the public authority doesn’t ensure. A portion of the new contestants into the Turkish area have additionally been safeguarded by their providers, who give them material sponsorships.

Power of Suppliers

Notwithstanding how the offices shift broadly, the providers in the Turkish market offer great planes and different administrations to financial backers. Financial backers can anticipate fantastic administrations. The present situation has proceeded with unwavering ness to the providing firms (Hafezi et al., 2020).

Power of the buyers

Individual clients, like finance managers, and organizations involve the Turkish business. The appearance of new contenders into the Turkish area has brought about cost decreases, bringing about an expansion in purchaser power. This issue has been credited to the contenders’ separation and centre methods. Subsequently, the organization is liable for guaranteeing that its administrations are upgraded to levels that suit the requirements of its clients. The purchaser’s dealing influence limitedly affects the Turkish economy’s activities and can’t make the organization lose cash.

Availability of Substitutes

Like China and the United States, different nations are coming down on the Turkish market. Turkey, for instance, has a broad created standard check rail line foundation that is state-possessed. It is the obligation of the Ministry of Transport and Communications. The rail line gives significant distance and cross-line cargo and traveller administrations. The train is speedy and modest. Therefore, numerous neighbourhood voyagers would instead not use expensive aeroplanes. Many individuals, especially money managers that transport massive measures of freight locally, would like to utilize the rail route since it is more financially savvy.

Competitive Rivalry

The Turkish undertakings have seen a development in the quantity of contending powers in the Turkish market. More market contestants have brought about a decay of the Turkish market, just as an extensive decrease in the public exhibition of the homegrown Turkish market. This has been helped by the opposition created by new market contestants. Turkey’s industry has generally had a colossal introduced base (Hafezi et al., 2020).

SWOT China and Canada and Turkey

SWOT Analysis in China

SWOT Analysis China

Strengths: A boost in GDP

China’s GDP advancement beat the public power’s gauge of 6.5 per cent in a single year, outperforming it by north of 7%. China’s GDP hasn’t shown up at these levels beginning around 2010, regardless of how it has been constantly stretching out throughout the last two or three years. This GDP rise comes after China amassed more than USD 3 trillion in unfamiliar cash holds. Since the country is seen for its humble work, various new associations have things made in China (Kaya, 2021). Another wellspring of fortitude is creating PDAs in the nation’s commonplace and metropolitan spaces. With the Chinese telecom region making more customers asking phone affiliations, networks have stretched out to meet this extra turn of events.

Weaknesses: The all-seeing government

Notwithstanding China’s humble work, which takes care of business for the general populace, a massive piece of the general population stays jobless. China’s commonplace areas are reducing, and the cultivating business is adhering to this equivalent example. Then, there’s the issue of government control. The Chinese government is striking for its constraints. Private home arrangements have reduced beyond what many would consider possible. In addition, the design business is moving back.

Opportunities: New industries and migration

China should zero in on two essential opportunities: strengthening the help region and urban development. Since the cultivating industry is diminishing and more people are being constrained to relocate from provincial to swarmed districts, the country can put a more imperative emphasis on help based endeavours.

Threats: Negative implications are on the rise

The Chinese are suffering as a result of horrendous impressions. Other countries’ occupants think about China as an unforgiving area where the public power controls everything. Moreover, there is the issue of exhaust mists and defenceless air quality in China; various Chinese people wear to cover at whatever point they walk around since the air quality is poor. Numerous people approach scenes got by Chinese reconnaissance cameras over the web. Examiners are stressed over China’s security laws, going from besieged lifts to hit-and-runs (Kaya, 2021).

SWOT Analysis in Canada

SWOT Analysis in Canada


Like the United States, China, and the United Kingdom, Canada is an exceptionally evolved and progressed country in the globe. Her most noteworthy per capita pay demonstrates that the country’s human improvement list is extremely high. Canada has a long history of accepting individuals from one side of the planet to the other. It has brought about a general public that is exceptionally socially and ethnically different. Justin Trudeau, Canada’s solid and youthful pioneer, is in control. As per gauges, he has kept 53% of the promises he made during the mission (Kaya, 2021).


The worth of free-drifting Canadian dollars changes. Money variance is frequently somewhere between 5% and 10% in a solitary exchanging meeting. Her money is typically one of the most steady on the planet. Canada benefits monetarily and mechanically from its vicinity to the United States. It likewise shows that she trades over 70% of her labour and products to the United States (Kaya, 2021).


Canada sends out the immense heft of its labour and products to the United States. She should now offer her items/administrations worldwide, especially in Asian nations like China. We live in a world governed by US tech firms like Apple, Google, Facebook, Microsoft, and Amazon. Fortunately, they are all in her nation’s adjoining nations. This is the ideal lucky break for her to take advantage of the chance and spread similar advanced and pioneering soul to her schools, schools, and colleges.


The Coronavirus pestilence will affect the Canadian economy in 2020. By mid-2020, the jobless rate had increased to 13.5 per cent. It’s the most elevated level starting around 1976. The movement and the travel industry, just as the inn and eatery enterprises, have been shut because of social separating mindfulness. It affects many little undertakings (Kaya, 2021).

SWOT Analysis in Turkey

SWOT Analysis in Turkey

SWOT analysis of Turkey Strengths

The financial business is substantial. Besides, long haul monetary discipline and an autonomous national bank laid the structure for other developed market loaning conditions. Turkey benefits from its enrollment in the EU’s traditions association and has been creating further financial binds with high-development adjoining countries, making it an incredibly engaging centre for sending out situated assembling (Kaya, 2021).


The gigantic current record deficiency (C/A) makes the economy more defenceless against speculation streams. There is as yet critical assessment aversion. Accordingly, government income is dependent on circuitous duties. Work adaptability and non-wage costs are higher than in peers.


The public authority has pushed for new annuity changes and will pass work changes that will diminish firms’ openness to external conditions and cutwork costs. Mining, rail routes, and marine transportation and cargo, the test focuses, airstreams, and related exercises, the travel industry interest in explicit districts, private area interest in essential, centre, and secondary schools, drug items, and the safeguard business were entirely recorded as need speculation regions in the past motivator program. Research and development and substantial scope ventures that work on innovative capacities and global seriousness offer expanded motivations. The minor venture sizes for synthetics, the auto and auto sub-area, ports and harbour benefits, the hardware business, drugs, and assembling will be decreased.


Geopolitical risks in the region pose a primary threat to the country (Kaya, 2021).

Problems and Suggestions & solutions China and Canada and Turkey

Problems faced by China and Suggestions for their solutions

China is by and by a country with upper-centre pay. Going ahead, it will be important that destitution mitigation endeavours progressively address the weaknesses looked by the significant number of people who are as yet considered poor by centre pay country norms, remembering those living for urban areas. In light of asset concentrated assembling, commodities, and low-wage work, China’s rapid development has, for the most part, arrived at its constraints, bringing about economic, social, and natural lopsided characteristics. To address these uneven characteristics, the economy’s construction should progress from low-end assembling to better quality assembling and administrations, just as from venture to utilization (He et al., 2021).

Development has eased lately because of primary limitations, such as diminished workforce development, decreased profits from the venture, and easing back usefulness. The test for what’s to come is to find new development drivers while tending to China’s past improvement way’s friendly and natural inheritances. China’s fast financial extension has outperformed the speed of institutional turn of events. Substantial institutional and change holes should be addressed, assuming China keeps an excellent and practical development way (He et al., 2021). To help the market framework, the state’s job should develop and zero in on conveying stable market assumptions and an unmistakable and reasonable business environment, just as fortifying the administrative framework and law and order.

As a result of its size, China is fundamental to enormous territorial and worldwide advancement challenges. China is the biggest producer of ozone-depleting substances, with per capita discharges at present surpassing those of the European Union, but marginally below the OECD normal and far lower than those of the United States, and its air and water contamination impacts adjoining nations. Without China’s investment, worldwide ecological issues will stay irritating. Besides, keeping up with ordinary degrees of financial development has critical overflow consequences for developing the remainder of the world economy (He et al., 2021).

Problems and Suggestions & solutions Canada

Thinking back through history, nations that have made progress worldwide make them a robust society in like manner. They have had an incredible government, demography, and military. Simply modifying its administration into a Parliament because of a typical target, setting its socioeconomics, and reestablishing its military to an imposing state can help Canada succeed later. This is the best way to acquire power and continue. There are no real innovators in Parliament, except for the Canadian Prime Minister, who is unafraid to make the wisest decision rather than what is convenient (Gençoğlu, 2021). This is particularly evident at the commonplace level, where pomposity, not-my-issue, and a smarty pants demeanour are pervasive. Canada can conquer most of its recent concerns with the ideal people in control.

The most major problem against Canada is the corruption of popular government and the breakdown of the parliamentary frameworks that manage the country’s lifestyle. Canada, including the Progressives and Conservatives, is edging progressively close to fascism. Subsequently, Canada should endeavour to restore what was once a light of expectation for the remainder of the world.

The major problem against Canada is the conservation of harmony and security. Canada requires an administration that is against war. The major problem facing Canada is its relationship with the First Nations and their people groups. Proceeded with dismissal for their way of life, respect, privileges, and settlements will contrarily affect the economy and climate. They have consistently been conscientious natural stewards, even though quite a bit of that stewardship is, as of now, not under their locale. The native people groups are a significant part of this great country (Gençoğlu, 2021).

The most significant problem against Canada is the administration of its average assets. Oil, petroleum gas, potash, coal, and wood, to specify a couple of Canada’s tremendous assets, will be widespread from developing uber powers like China and India. In any case, Canada should handle these imperative assets in the nation and offer the last merchandise to the best bidder. If not, Canada will keep on being a hewer and drawers.

Problems and Suggestions & solutions Turkey

Metal mineral assets, like iron, chromium, copper, zinc, and lead minerals, just as the extraction of unrefined petroleum, bituminous coal, and substance inexperienced components, affect the country’s monetary turn of events and the working of the indigenous habitat. Turkey’s most prominent urban areas are the country’s financial point of convergence and a wellspring of huge outflows from specialized and correspondence foundations. The impact of transportation emanations or modern poisons impacts the measure of green space in urban communities just as the wellbeing of city occupants. Metropolitan activities might add to the decrease of harmful natural components, so working on personal satisfaction while guaranteeing simultaneous monetary turn of events (Şengül & Özkan, 2021). The exposition talks about Turkey’s most noteworthy urban communities’ difficulties in dealing with metropolitan strategic frameworks.

In any case, Istanbul has attempted to mitigate the effects of poverty in the nation and has gained ground. In Istanbul, the quantity of people living beneath the neediness line has never been lower. Turkey has been a pioneer in looking for answers for neediness. Turkey ought to have addressed the obstacles that add to neediness, yet these leftover worries are large scale gives that should be tended to over the long run. Notwithstanding, placemaking can ease a portion of the hardships related to poverty on a neighbourhood scale. Little intercessions of inventive placemaking can assist a local area with developing and prospering over the long haul, permitting occupants to meet up and address the awkward nature of their networks.

Intercessions, for example, a local area garden, versatile library and school, and miniature, impromptu, or portable asylum are potential ways of resolving issues in devastated networks through the execution of spaces like these, all of which can reduce the interruptions of medications and other security and every day worries. These regions might be transient, yet their essence may ease issues.

Coronavirus affects the financial aspects of nations all over the planet, bringing about the conclusion of many firms, organizations, and establishments inferable from an absence of cash. Turkey is no particular case, and therefore, many individuals are confronting difficulty and battling professionally; numerous destitution help projects have been hindered. There are different spring up test locales situated across the city. On the off chance that this equivalent reasoning is utilized to those hard to arrive at places or an accentuation is put on lower-pay networks, this would ease the issue of their absence of admittance to medical care through spring up scenes.


The paper has presented the countries’ comparison: China, Canada, and Turkey. The study has demonstrated their economic analysis, their description of their country’s national Five porters analysis. The study also presents the SWOT analysis of the three countries. Finally, the demonstration of problems faced by the three countries and suggestions of their solutions has been provided.

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