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Older Couple Vs. Younger Couple

The first step in the consumer buyer decision process, which is problem recognition, maybe the same for both a younger and an older couple. However, the younger couple will approach a major purchase such as a house with more apprehension and skepticism than an older couple. Thus, information search and evaluation of alternatives, the second and third steps, according to Armstrong and Cotler, will vary greatly among consumers of different ages (p. 161). An older couple will rely more on the information that they can acquire through personal relations, be it from their real estate agent or friends and acquaintances. If someone they trust recommends a particular professional or a company, an older couple is likely to use their services. Loyalty is one of the greatest motivators for older consumers, and therefore, it is possible that they will recontact people or businesses whose services or products they purchased in the past.

Young consumers are more immersed in the virtual world and tend to question the authority of the brand by doing independent research. They subject businesses and their services to constant review and evaluation. A younger couple is not likely to trust a real estate agent or the information on a company’s official website right away. Instead, they will look for independent sources and cross-reference their findings. Apart from that, a younger couple may be more demanding since they know that if their needs are not met by a particular business, they may as well find another one in their area. The final stages, purchase decision and purchase itself, are similar among couples of different ages.

Real Estate Advertisement Example

Real Estate Company Facebook Advertisement
Image 1. Real Estate Company Facebook Advertisement

This real estate company Facebook ad (Image 1) is targeted at younger consumers who are conscious about making major purchases. By hosting an educational event, the company shows its potential clients that it is aware of their fears and pain points. The workshop is supposed to help young consumers with steps 2 and 3 – information search and evaluation of alternatives.

Work Cited

Armstrong, Gary, and Phillip Cotler. Marketing: An Introduction. Pearson/ Prentice Hall, 2005.

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