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Week One Quiz
1.(this is just the synopsis for all of the questions that follow, there is no answer
for this one)Assume you are a nursing director for a nursing home. You’ve been
working at your facility for a few short months when you learn the company that
owns the home has been improperly overbilling Medicare for the care and
services provided to your residents. You bring this to the attention of the
company’s managers, but they do nothing. You then notify the appropriate
authorities (becoming a whistle-blower) and, dismayed by the fraud and other
problems, you quit.
2.Why are ethics considered so important when studying organizational
Multiple Choice

Unethical behavior makes it easy to influence others and conduct business.

Unethical behavior can ensure loyalty, which helps the performance of individuals and teams

You will be confronted with ethical challenges at all levels of organizations and throughout your career

Unethical acts are not illegal and can benefit the company

Some unethical acts are necessary to work around unfair governmental regulations.
3. The
contingency approach suggests that
Multiple Choice

there is one best way to manage

OB theories apply to all situations

a manager needs to learn a set of hard-and-fast rules

the best answer depends on the situation

management practices from the past can be applied in today’s situations
4. Overcharging Medicare for care and services provided to patients is an example
of ______ behavior
Multiple Choice





5. Ethics is primarily concerned with
Multiple Choice

right and wrong

legal and illegal

moral and immoral

religious and nonreligious
public and nonpublic

6. In an ethical dilemma such as the one presented above
Multiple Choice

there are two choices, neither of which resolves the situation in an ethically acceptable manner

there are two choices, either of which resolves the situation in an ethically acceptable manner

there are two choices, one of which resolves the situation in an ethically acceptable manner

there is only one choice

there are no choices
7. In
the case above, this presents a(n) _____
Multiple Choice

ethical dilemma

desired outcome

systematic approach


The case above represents an extreme example of unethical and illegal conduct.
These are the exception in the business community. Which of the following
statements about this behavior is false?
Multiple Choice

Very few unethical acts are also illegal

Most unethical acts are not punished in any way

Even if illegal, few of these acts are prosecuted

You can rely on the legal system to manage or assure ethical conduct at work
soft skills

9. Problem
solving and critical thinking are ______ because they use logic and
reasoning to develop and evaluate options
Multiple Choice

technical skills

soft skills

common sense

hard skills

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