Chapter 3: Criminal Justice System in its Environment—Select One Discussion Question BelowExplain how the terrorist attacks on 9/11 affected criminal justice agencies. Include in your discussion the formation of a new government department: Homeland Security. In your opinion, to what extent has the ‘‘war on terror’’ impacted local law enforcement practices? What is your reasoning?Identify the economic/political forces that limit the ability of federal agencies to enforce immigration laws.Identify future environmental changes that will affect the criminal justice system. Explain how legislator’s personal views on criminal justice issues can frame legislative outcomes. Use the criminal sentencing structure as an example.Chapter 4: Problem of Communication—Select One Discussion Question BelowAs we have seen throughout this chapter, law enforcement agencies, especially intelligence gathering agencies, keep information to themselves rather than share information. Discuss why agencies horde information. If you were giving advice to the director of Homeland Security, what steps would you recommend to promote the flow of vital information among intelligence agencies?Think about the college class you liked the most and contrast it with a class you liked least. Compare the quality of communication between the two classes. What are some of the barriers to communication that typically emerge in a college course? If you were a professor, what steps would you take to maximize the effectiveness of communication in your class?How can communication be improved in an organization that is structured in a traditional bureaucratic form? How might computerized communication be utilized to improve the effectiveness of communication in a bureaucratic organization?What are the drawbacks of computerized information systems? From a management perspective, what policies and procedures could be implemented to assure the effectiveness of computerized information systems?Discuss the ethical issues involved in sharing information about inmates or supervisees within a criminal justice context. Can all information be shared? What about medical, or HIPPA information?

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