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Being a dentist seems what I always dreamed about. It was my choice in all ways until my family called me “our little dentist”. This passion became bigger as I got older. My interest in orthodontics stemmed from personal experience. Began as a patient and then solidified into a career choice. The positive outcome of this aroused interest in me towards the specialty of Orthodontics so as to be able to give smiling faces and feelings to the people around me to the same degree as I felt post-orthodontic treatment. The ability to help people is the most appealing aspect though, and becoming a dentist would provide me with tremendous job satisfaction. Other interests of mine include leadership and community service as they have been gratifying opportunities to help others. Thus, dental school seemed to be the logical next step. Orthodontics drew me into its discipline with open arms, and fit my interests and goals precisely.

Ever since primary school, my path has been bestrewn with commendations, a pace I have maintained throughout my educational years. I used to be a hard worker; My dedication is evident from my record of accomplishment, and discipline. In looking back, I learned the FDI tooth numbering system by fifteen years old, while My friend and I were reading her father, a Pedodontist, dental books. I knew that any Dental professional holds a trusted role in the community. To this end, I have been actively involved in community service and leadership organizations, a sense of responsibility I have had since I was a teen. I am no stranger to research work, either, and have seen the applications of research to control or heal disease while contributing to clinical and academic work. After completing college and finishing the internship year I trained in the orthodontic field at a private institution. I was trained in the basics of orthodontic practical skills by the dean of our college and other doctors. Much more than this, though, I witnessed the level of gratification that drips from patients’ eyes post-treatment, which is simply beyond description. I became enthralled with the specialty and felt compelled to learn more. Thus, I sought out and took part in other orthodontic-related activities; I participated in organizing events, lectures, and workshops. For example, I was a member of that big event about ‘Orthodontic, more than a smile’, a speaker of the lecture and hands-on workshop “Basics of clinical Orthodontics”, and I was involved in the Orthodontic Residency program as an organizer, observer, and listener.

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The sense of camaraderie and transfer of knowledge while working with others draw me to education. I joined the orthodontic department at King Khalid University, which has been a great center of higher learning and academics, as a teaching assistant. I had the opportunity to teach students, and helping them taught me the rewards of assisting others to achieve their goals. Being at government clinics makes me very fortunate to be involved in treating vast numbers of patients. It has allowed me to give back to the larger community with an immense range of dental problems, and orthodontics. Integrate with that large number of students, and the staff made me notice the good communication between us the successful patient care, and the higher educational level we got. These skills and experiences form the foundation upon which I intend to achieve my goal of being involved in the different fields of orthodontics. While working as a teaching assistant in the Department of Pediatric Dentistry & Orthodontic Sciences, I have been acquainted with a glittering circle of eminent specialists, academicians, researchers, and professionals. They have not only helped me to excel in performing the assigned clinical cases and research but have also been a minaret of inspiration. I found myself quite fortunate to have the opportunity to hone my professional know-how during this process of teaching.

For me, education, research, and patient care are the areas in which I want to become a leader. Thus, my interest has increased to the level of deep enthusiasm in me to pursue higher education through a post-graduation program in Orthodontics utilizing the ever-updated technology and quantum of knowledge, techniques, and professionalism. Additionally with my keen excitement to achieve higher landmarks in related research and developmental spheres in Orthodontics and also in the ever-increasing /demanding applicability thereof in Community services; through clinics and awareness programs on the ground so as to be a contributor in ushering a new era of advancement in Higher learning and Community welfare spheres, thus achieving intrinsic satiation for playing the desired role in enhanced academic- development, optimum Oral Health Care delivery system and in consequential social perfection of common people.

Now I become enthralled with the specialty and feel compelled to acquire more & more knowledge. I want to immerse myself in the finest Orthodontic program possible, exposed to a challenging caseload, culturally and socio-economically diverse patients, as well as the latest technologies, techniques, resources, stalwart faculty, and accomplished student body.

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