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The mission of Command Spanish is to provide an occupational Spanish language that is of high quality, cross-cultural training and training programs to English-speakers throughout the Grand Valley. To achieve this, it uses highly qualified instructors and financial resources for new course development.

It also offers a wide variety of courses tailored to meet different businesses, customers and professions’ needs like teaching and the health industry. Command Spanish’s customers are managers of companies whose employees need to know job related Spanish languages. It advertises itself through word of mouth and customers prefer its classes since it differs from traditional programs for training in Spanish speaking.

Spanish now is the only major direct competitor for Command Spanish within the Grand Valley. Profluent (2009-2011) where both physically and mentally people study Spanish, is also a direct competitor and employs the use of gestures to affect commands. Visual link Spanish and bilinguals fluent Spanish are equal competitors.

The need for communication in Spanish language has been on the rise in most businesses and industries like in the US where the Spanish speaking population has significantly increased over time. Immigration laws, technological advances and social cultural trends have diminished the meaning of learning of Spanish command from an instructor.

The Strengths of Command Spanish are flexibility in meeting specific business needs, effective phonetic teaching style and free interaction between students. Learning Spanish through Command Spanish is also fun. The basic Weakness of Command Spanish is the low level of awareness amongst the target customers. Its Opportunities lie in the improvement of verbal learning by conducting reviews and monitoring progress.

The major Threat facing Command Spanish is stiff competition from online teaching organizations and fellow verbal teaching organizations. Its competitive advantage lies in its flexibility and desire to address specific customer needs that are so essential in today’s businesses and the dedication of its instructors in giving their customers close attention.

Command Spanish’s main strategic focus is diversification, which when coupled with its internal strengths and few external threats, wins new segments of customers. It also increases product lines that help to differentiate it from competitors and facilitate inclusion of Spanish courses at differing levels.

The goals of Command Spanish are to create more awareness in Grand valley, target entire industries, collaborate with businesses throughout Grand Valley, expand product line and increase sales volume of material that compliments Command Spanish.

Its respective objectives include joining of the Grand Junction Area Chamber of Commerce, advertising and conferencing, joining ITT Tech and offering private lessons to children and emphasizing on CDs and books with complementing materials. Command Spanish primarily targets Grand Valley businesses and western slope areas.

In its strategy, it identifies all the client’s characteristics including basic needs, purchasing power, best product, pricing, promotion, and distribution strategies. Command Spanish’s course has diversity that makes it applicable both in many businesses and younger generations in an effort to reach its secondary market. It also uses proper guidelines to enable it implement secondary distribution and secondary product strategies.

During marketing implementation, Command Spanish uses only one person to ensure that it meets timelines and completes the overall plan within the stipulated time. In evaluation control, the concerned parties do resource allocation, select the best process control, and accurately assess the marketing activities prior to implementation before putting in place procedures to compare the outcomes to objectives.

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