Chapter 6 questions page 182 make reference to the book chapter and provided videos in your answers. 1. Public opinion polls show that support for democratic values is shallow. What might be done to improve this support among the American public?2.Democratic theorist say we should tolerate political speech of all kinds, no matters how much we might dislike its content. The polls show the public often disagrees. Are there conditions which justify placing limits on political speech?3.Public opinion polls show that political trust in the United States has plunged since the 1060’s. Do Americans really not trust their government? Besides reading poll results how else might one determine the extent to which the public trusts the government in Washington.Chapter 7 questions page 218 make reference to the book chapter and provided videos in your answers. 1. People of differing social classes often have differing political opinions. Are these class differences simply due to one’s personal self interest?2. People with differing religious orientations often have markedly differing political opinions. Why do you think religion affects people’s political views.3. Polls demonstrate that men and women often have differing political views, with women being more liberal and democratic that men. Why do you think this gender gap has arisen?

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