COMM 3784 Fall 2019 Film Scholarship Journal Entry Guide Response to long critical essay: 500+ wordsResponse to short film essay/interview: 250+ wordsTotal word count: 750 words Five entries (four required) due by end of, September 6, September 30, October 14, November 4, November 25Assignment Description:The five journal entries assigned in this course are meant to prod you to think critically of selected written pieces corresponding to the five themes explored in this course, which are represented by the content of corresponding films screened. For each entry, you will choose a set of two readings from the same week on each of the five themes, typically a long academic essay and a short film essay or interview. If you send in all five of these then you will benefit from having only the four highest graded entries be included in the course grade. If you elect to send in only four entries then they will necessary count toward the course grade.Assignment Content:Your entries are to include a response to both readings for any of the weeks within each of the five course themes. The response to the long academic piece must be 500+ words. Whereas that for the shorter film essay or interview must be 250+ words, so that each entry must be 750+ words. Your response to each should address one or more of the following questions:What is the argument or main point of the piece?What is the piece’s connection to the corresponding course theme?Which point made in the piece do you most strongly agree with?Which point made in the piece do you most strongly disagree with?Assignment Grading Scheme:Each entry will be marked out of 10 points, as follows:Content (rigour, intellectual ambition, clarity, cohesiveness, flow—4 pts) +Compliance (wordcount, response to two pieces—4 pts) +presentation (spelling, punctuation, mechanics, diction—2 pts) All journal entries must be submitted as an MS Word or Adobe file to TurnitIn and will be marked according to the above scheme and to include brief feedback.

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