I need 2 pages of answer.Please do the reading ” Deamland” and answer the following questionQuestions 1. How is black tar distributed? (43)2. What does make Xalisco boys different than other groups of immigrants? (46)3. Briefly, explain the history of opium (52)4. Who was David Tejada? (56)5. How did Xalisco Boys expand their business? (62) 6.Who is “El Gato”?7. What was the first law that criminalized drugs and sent thousands to jail? (76)8. What was the CPDD?9. What is known as “the Holy Grail”?10. Who was Stjernsward and what was his mission?11. Why did people attack Portenoy and Foley’s paper? (92-94)12. What is the “managed care movement” and how did that promote drug addiction? (97-98)

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