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The case of Colorado Manufacturing, a company that was selling domestic appliances, is quite trivial. Since the first days of the Industrial Revolution, many companies have seen their difficulties. The reasons for these difficulties might be both objective and subjective. Objective reasons are the ones connected with the global economy, national affairs, etc., while the subjective ones are caused by poor decision-making, bad business planning, and so on. In the case of the previously mentioned company, the undesirable consequences were caused by a subjective factor – deficient corporate communication within the organization. Although having a poorly organized communication inevitably leads to dire consequences, such theoretical approaches as the Meaning-Centered, the Emerging Perspectives, and the Functional are called to resolve the communication issues of big and small companies.

Firstly, the Meaning-Centered approach can be seen as a good aid in a situation, where a company sees a communication distortion. This method is aimed at seeing how the corporate reality is perceived and shared by the organization employees. The approach considers communication as the procedure of generating and passing on viewpoints. One of the characteristic features of this approach determines the communication rules, which reflect the values of the company and characteristic features of it. The feature can be used by Colorado Manufacturing to emphasize the long lasting traditions of customer care and quality control.

Secondly, the Emerging Perspectives approach is another option for improving company’s communicational environment. This method describes communication as a mechanism of meaning formation. Besides, such facets as social structures alongside with affective responses, and identities are worth pointing out. Theoretically, this approach is based on discarding the mistrust to authority structures and ambiguity of meanings. Another distinctive feature is the “deconstruction”, which can be referred to the revision of “taken-for-granted” viewpoint. The revision of the myths that are used to explain the nature of things and processes fall under the responsibility of the deconstruction. The discovering of interests that involve meanings constructed by the society are the parts of “deconstruction” as well. This approach can be utilized to make the employees of Colorado Manufacturing rethink their attitudes towards the way they percept the companies policy.

In addition, numerous specialists see the Functional approach as an excellent method for resolving communication difficulties within a company. This approach describes the understanding of communication by defining the function of messages and their movement pattern within an organization. The technique is aimed at classifying various types of messages from the ones that can be disregarded to the ones that are imperative for all the company’s employees. The complication here can be an inability to create the required messages in time and pass them over within the corporation. Besides, the approach rejects enclosed communication systems letting the information to be adopted, processed, and sent out into the business or consumer environment.

Finally, the Meaning-Centered, the Emerging Perspectives, and the Functional approaches are the ways for a company to overcome any corporate communicational difficulties, however complicated they might seem. Nevertheless, one should be aware that any of the approaches methods mentioned above are effective only if applied after a thorough investigation. Every company has its own characteristic features that should be considered to utilize any of the mechanisms. In my opinion, the Meaning-Centered, as it underscores the common perception of the corporate reality.

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