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Company specifics

There has been a long standing tradition in how Coca Cola and Pepsi are made. Each one is a unique brand that has its “know how”. There are several differences in the corporate cultures of each organization. Coke is made out to be a tradition of the population. It has its holidays and unification with people’s lives. Pepsi, on the other hand, is made out to be a refreshing treat that is apart from the everyday life. One of the most important features that Coca-Cola Company possesses is the ability to market to the right population and the product must be aligned with the people.

The fact that the drinks have become global is very significant because this means that the company was able to find the unique connection with every nation and the people. The overall opinion of the company is rather positive, as it is professional and makes products that are unique and original. The taste that they were able to manufacture goes back in time and can be seen as one of the gimmicks the company has had (Bodden, 2008).

Company specifics

Benefits of competition

With the current economy changing, especially at a worsening time, the market is becoming different from before. There are certain things that people need, so the business must adjust to the wants and needs of people. Having in mind the demand, Coke has much to offer to the small business entrepreneur. One is competitive rates and conditions that are at the highest level. The work force has proper knowledge of the industry, so employees will be rather helpful in supporting the development at the beginning stages (Boone, 2012).

The security of the industry is another aspect that is needed, both physical, in terms of structures and locations, as well as market and establishment wise. The standard for calculation is taken as the present rates of growth and the same future rate is assumed. The first calculation made is the value of the business while in operation. The generated assets are taken into account, having in mind all the expenses in maintenance and salaries. (Lindgreen, 2009).

Liquidation of Coke and Pepsi products option is also present, in case the business must be terminated. The economic conditions are looked at, as the locality of the business plays an important role in the greater scope of things. The financial analysis of previous years in operation is analyzed in order to determine any trends or weak spots (Laro, 2005).

Benefits of competition

Future Changes

A game or an in-depth scientific module could be set up, so that people feel involved in the process. A TV commercial or small educational session could be made to tell people what has changed, the benefits, so there is direct interaction with the viewers. TV has several advantages, as the creators of the ad are in full control, being able to easily show the public the necessary and crucial parts of the product.

There could be an interactive program set up that is educational and visually shows the process of how the product is made, filtrated and bottled. It could have different parts of the plant that could be clicked on and viewed in a closer and informative format.

A printed medium could relate to billboards, magazines, newspapers and flyers. People must be able to familiarize themselves with the product very closely, and since some people do not have access to the internet or TV, they will see pictures and read information on the walls and in a subway, so the message gets out (Fifield, 2012).

Future Changes  


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