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Restaurant Classification Restaurants are found throughout the United States as well as other countries. Restaurants are found in many different places such as street corners in mobile businesses, buffets found in mid-sized towns and cities, as well as upscale restaurants that are most always found in larger and more populated areas. All of these places serve one purpose in common; to aide to the desired food cravings of countless people. A person might say that there are no noticeable differences of each type of restaurant, but hidden beneath their common goals are various differences that set each apart.

Mobile food businesses have become very popular in middle class areas and serve people of all kinds. Although the food may seem delicious, mobile food businesses such as taco wagons spend their time constantly traveling to different places for business. Their trucks can be unclean as it is a hassle to clean out a truck of grease and fallen food. Most people cannot see the inside of a taco truck because they are too high off the ground to see and each wagon has windows that are hard to see inside of. As a result, many people do not see the harm or realize these things and therefore do not care.

There is also an inconvenience to customers as there is no formal seating are for dining, and if there is, it is found outdoors. Many people do not want to spend their time eating next to a busy street where everyone passing by can see them, while others may like to simply enjoy the outdoors. Mobile food businesses like these also have very few workers which may lead to food that is delayed in delivery. People that come to food trucks like their food to be delivered in a fast and timely manner so they can get to wherever they are going on time instead of having to wait in a line for their food to be done cooking.

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Aside from its downsides, there are also positives about mobile food businesses. If there were not any, they would not be in business and be as popular as they are. Many people chose these types of businesses because they are a cheap alternative to fast food places such as McDonald’s. Given the choice of a two pound burrito or a small burger and fries for the same price, most people would choose the burrito. Places such as taco wagons and others provide people with authentic food that may or may not be a part of their culture.

Some of these places use ingredients that they would use in their own part of the world. This provides customers with a variety and a little taste of home. Being able to live in a place that provides anyone with a taste of home will bring good money, especially when a town’s population has a lot of diversity. A second type of restaurant that is found in many towns and cities is buffets. Some people see buffets as unsanitary places because of the fact that the food is left out in the open for others to touch or spread more germs.

When someone is eating they do not want to think of themselves as in taking germs with every bite that they take, but rather eating food that is delicious and safe to eat. Buffets may also have long lines of people. Because there is no limited amount of food a person can get, hungry people come to these restaurants and go through lines multiple times to get numerous amounts of food. These types of restaurants could play a role in the obesity rate of families today and future families to come. Although eating a lot of food sounds amazing, it is unhealthy and bad for the body.

The food that is sold in buffets made seem homemade, and not like a fast food restaurant, but that does not mean that it is healthy and good for the body. Eating mass amounts of food like this can lead to damage to the body over a long period of time. In the worst case scenario, it could lead to more than just obesity. People choose buffets because of their low flat rates. Seizing the opportunity to engulf unlimited amounts of entrees and desserts for about ten dollars is the best deal in the food industry.

No other food place can beat a buffet’s deal. Buffets must know this because they would not be in business if they did not. Along with their low costs, buffets are very convenient to their customers. Buffets allow their customers to choose any kind of food they choose to consume, compared to other restaurants that have you choose a certain group of things. The cost from other restaurants includes only the entree. Anything else that someone wishes to choose would be an additional charge to the customer.

With a buffet, the cost that it takes to eat there includes the beverage, entree, and dessert. People can mix and match their favorite foods until they are fully satisfied with their meal. The third type of restaurant is the upscale restaurants. These types of restaurants are found mainly in big cities where they can charge people hundreds of dollars for their meals. The meals may be smaller in size, but superior in quality. These places have a fancy and elegant feel to them. Their customers wear formal clothing and eat their meals by candlelight.

The food is made of better quality ingredients so it is not unusual for food to take much longer to be prepared and finally arrive at the customers table. Most of the upscale restaurants are not family welcoming. Children of young ages are frowned upon as to not disturb the dining experiences of others. Children seem to not sit still and be noisy. They are also very messy. In high class restaurants it is not usual to see a child, although it is not a standalone rule, it is just a rule that is thought to be in place.

These restaurants are more sophisticated and seem as though only a certain type of financially able people should dine there. It is unlikely that a person with little or no money would pay a hundred dollars for a steak and a potato. A person of wealth, on the other hand, would pay a large quantity of money for a simple, yet elegant meal. Although upscale restaurants may have standards, these restaurants have very friendly and inviting staff. It is only an expectation that if customers are willing to pay top dollar for their food, then they shall receive top dollar service.

Waiters are usually always there to make sure that your glass is always full and you are happy with how your meal turned out. Along with their friendly and inviting service, most of these restaurants serve only the best and the freshest food available. These items are made fresh right when ordered as opposed to fast food restaurant’s food which is premade and heated to serve to customers. The food that is prepared at upscale restaurants is made to please its customers in the best way possible. Anyone can count on reliable food, service, and cleanliness from upscale restaurants.

The goods must outweigh the bad in every area for this type of restaurant to still be popular and serving people to this day. Americans all over the world enjoy different types of restaurants. Mobile food businesses, buffets, and upscale restaurants mark just a few classifications of the restaurant businesses that are found throughout the country. Even with the obvious differences that they possess, the share one common goal; to serve the people who desire and yearn for their food. Although these places may leave drawbacks, they each possess a certain advantage that draws customers back time and time again.

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