Provide a comprehensive review of the Chipotle case, identifying the strategic issues facing this company.

1- Perform appropriate external analysis (use at least 3 relevant tools: PESTEL – industry specific and current, 5 Force which identifies most significant forces, Driving Force which identifies if industry conditions becoming more or less attractive, KSF which define industry specific success factors, Strategic Mapping and Competitor Analysis as appropriate. 

Grading is based on demonstrating understanding of how to conduct the analysis, thoroughness, and case understanding.

2- conduct internal analysis.

3- Identify Chipotle’s strategies and evaluate them with regard to the external and industry environments.

4- Evaluate Chipotle’s resources and capabilities and discuss resulting competitive advantage(s)

5- Evaluate Chipotle’s financial and strategic performance

6- Recommend an action plan to address Chipotle’s strategic issues and support each of your recommendations with appropriate analysis.   

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