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This is about offering people a whole new way to live that would otherwise not exist if I was not thankful for the sale of organs. And organ donations. A lot of people have not taken organ sales and organ donations for granted ever since the sale of organ donations. And organ transplants but organ transplants. Organ transplantation was created. A new way for people to live their lives. Giving people a second chance at life. And this was for single. Individuals. that were once fading towards the light. They have come across some new. Hope. with the medical. Miracles.

Discovered from. from organ transplantation. Organ. Transplants. created a new way in which another’s organs could be used to be transplanted. into another’s. body. and functions. as that person’s organ. but with every new way or idea of science, there is always some kind of waiting period. and some rules govern the waiting period. And, This new process came along with. a lot of. strict rules to govern the donation but it also came with a high Demand for the kind of organs that were being used to save the lives come the people who were also known. As the Bootleggers. of this. process.

The organ donation process had to do with. The donation. Process. but with every high demand for organs used to save lives come the bootleggers of the process. Which is dangerous for organs being sold on the black market The organ donation process. is in danger because there are not really enough people trying to donate. there organs to try to help save lives. And this makes it harder for people who are put on any kind of waiting.

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List. The organ donation process is in danger because the black market in most cases is selling organs a lot faster and putting them up for sale at a higher price. then most people can get on the transplant.t list. with the way the whole new process. is. The black market from what we know is also known for getting organs. Using. In an unconventional. Method. and taking them and putting them into another person without. using any screening. Method. to be sure the person should be a candidate. And. often with clean environments. The methods. in which organs are collected on the black -market and used to so they put them into another human.

Bodies. have resulted in most people getting some kind of transmission of disease. in the body of a person which in many cases means a person did not have the legal transplant done legally. Under the law that governs the rules and restrictions with human body transplants. Black-markets impact all of the ways organ donations. that has been created to make sure organs. And transplants. Are being. done in a humane. and safe process. Of making sure that. People screening is done first to make that. Before that person has an organ. That is going to be a match. And the match must be done for the person who is receiving the organ. And because of the black market. Along with the continued demand.

For. Organs most people fill in information on their drivers. license. That helps them to decide. If they want to be an Organ donor. When they die. This makes it easier for places like hospitals. To decide if you can donate your organs. Or not be able to donate. your organs. For people who need this also helps. People like EMTS. Keep you alive long enough to save your organs. If you are an Organ.

Donor. And with some people. That can keep them alive on life support. Until they can harvest. there organs. And there is normally a checkmark box on the back of a person’s license. And this is to make sure that people are getting organs. legally. And this helps to keep them safe. And away from the black market.

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