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Do the benefits of space exploration outweigh the risks? Many people believe they do, with the help of space exploration, we can employ the unemployed, boost our economy, and give us somewhere to go if Earth cannot support life any longer. One of the many places in the universe that we could go to is Mars.

More Jobs:

NASA is constantly looking for programmers, technicians, and builders. According to Google Jobs, there are 56 open different positions that different people could qualify for. The US has an unemployment rate of 4%, meaning that many people who are unemployed could end up working for NASA and on the next mission to Mars making the US have a lower unemployment rate.


According to Universe Today in paragraph 12 the author states “Teaching has a high priority for NASA, so much so that it has flown astronaut educators in space.” Since NASA has such a high priority for education parents would never have to worry about their children being uneducated and not being able to have a job because NASA has such a good view on education.

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Scientific Discoveries:

There is also the possibility that we could make many different scientific discoveries, anything from advanced rocket propulsion to the possibility of alien life. According to NASA, the author states “Scientific research founded on data from space is also leading to discoveries with benefits for life on Earth.” This could not only mean that life will be improved for astronauts in space but also for normal people back on Earth. We could have much-improved life on Earth because of the scientific discoveries made on the Moon or Mars.

Somewhere to Go:

Hypothetically what would happen if the Earth became far too polluted? Where would we go? We would have nowhere else to go but Mars. The next great extinction event is coming closer than you think according to IFLScience where the author states “The decline of various animal populations and species loss are occurring at alarming rates on Earth, contributing to the world’s sixth mass extinction” This means that when this next mass extinction occurs we will have to save the few animals that are left and humans with it.

Budget Problems:

Certain people believe that a mission to Mars would be far too expensive, but what about the amazing scientific discoveries to be made, and the next mass extinction approaching? According to, the author says that a mission to Mars would cost around 220 billion dollars. Although expensive this trip to Mars would propel our country for years to come. Instead of the numbers on the US debt clock growing they will be shrinking.


We should explore a mission to Mars because of the many benefits that it has such as more jobs, better education, and many discoveries. Although it will be a costly, and boring adventure across the solar system the benefits will always outweigh the risks of space exploration.

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