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My Sister

September 9th was the day that changed my life, It was around four or five that my mom, sister, and I decided to go to Target so we could get a present for my cousin’s birthday party. My Mom told my sister and me to look for a gift for my cousin. We successfully found one, we head back to look for my Mom and we found her in the frozen food section getting the peas and carrots and ice cream. We continued shopping for things that we needed, then we headed to the gift bag section so we could get one to put in the gift. My Mom saw a vacuum that was on sale then she saw more things that were on sale and went to look at them. At one point we decide to leave but when suddenly the lights randomly shut off and the only thing we see is dark and hear people screaming because they are in shock. We were going to go since it was scary, so we headed on and made sure that everyone was there with us we swear we heard my sister so we thought she was with us. We made it to the front where all the cash registers were, and the only thing we heard was people talking, complaining, and people asking what was happening. The lights turned on and the workers explained that an employer accidentally turned it off. After that, all of us were relieved that everything was OK, so we thought when suddenly we noticed my sister wasn’t with us and we looked around and she was nowhere to be found. So we asked security and employees to help us find her but they couldn’t really help us so they called over the intercom saying my sister’s name.

“Katie Salvador reports to the front of the store your mom is looking for you,” said the employee.

My Mom started freaking out! and started to say.

“Where is she please don’t let this happen to me where is she.” said my mom.

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“I hope we find her because this could not be happening to us please god don’t let this happen to us,” I said.

“Please be in the store please don’t let anything happen to her protect her god protect her .” said my mom worried.

We went looking for her everywhere and we finally found her in the Barbie section, she was looking for my cousin’s present because she didn’t like the first present

“Thank god you sit here and nothing happened to you thank you God for protecting my daughter.” said my mom.

We got her and decided to go to the cash register and buy all the things that we got. We headed out and for the rest of the day, we were shocked because of all the things that happened that day. This day changed my life because now I am protective over my sister and you gotta watch out for the small things in life take care of your things and take care of your siblings. Don’t a mistake that I’ve made. The thing I learned from this is that you have to be more aware of your surroundings and learn to love your siblings because anything could happen and you will regret not showing love to them.

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