PLEASE SEE THE PREVIOUS ATTACHED FEEDBACK AND ALSO THE WORK THAT WAS PREVIOUSLY SUBMITTED FOR GUIDANCE. THE FEEDBACK THAT WAS PROVIDED INCORPORATES WHAT IS MISSING FROM THE ASSIGNMENT. THE ASSIGNMENT SHOULD BE BASED OFF OF HEALTH EDUCATION. IF YOU ARE WANTING TO INCORPORATE ANOTHER SUBJECT IN ADDITION TO THIS, PLEASE MAKE SURE THAT THE FEEDBACK CRITERIA TO BE COMPLETED REFLECTS BOTH. AS AN EXAMPLE, WHERE IT SAYS TO LIST THE STATE REQUIREMENTS, MAKE SURE THE REQUIREMENTS IN THE SECTION ARE FOR BOTH, OR YOU CAN CHOOSE TO JUST STICK TO 1. THIS IS MY FINAL ATTEMPT FOR THIS CLASS SO IT IS IMPERATIVE THAT ALL GRADING RUBRIC IS FOLLOWED.Design a lesson that demonstrates the characteristics of research-based pedagogical models. Include an analysis of how the characteristics are demonstrated.For this assignment, design a lesson that specifically highlights at least one theory, method, and strategy you identify in the literature that has been deemed to represent best-practice in facilitating learning growth and engagement.INSTRUCTIONSUse the Lesson Design Template [DOC] to complete the following two components of this assignment:1. Design a formal lesson plan that will:Identify the learning objectives and align them to applicable standards.Develop a formative assessment strategy aligned to the objectives.Explain the specific content knowledge that will be presented.Develop clearly defined tasks in which students will engage with the content.Explain the context of the lesson within the larger unit of learning and students’ needs and specific considerations.2. Determine how the theories and models from professional literature are demonstrated in your lesson plan. This is more than what you might do in your daily teaching and allows for deeper reflective practice. The lesson explanation will include:References from the professional literature that support your decisions about the lesson plan in terms of content and instructional approach.Explanation of how the tasks within the model you have chosen support an equitable, inclusive learning environment in which all students have the opportunity and encouragement to reach their potential.

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