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AT&T is a telecommunications icon that was re-structured in 2005. The company is one of the market leaders in the provision of IP-based communication services to various corporations. The company’s mission is to connect individuals with their world and become the best in this endeavor. AT&T is committed to meeting the varied needs of its customers. It strives to achieve this by breaking new grounds and delivering timely solutions.

After researching and studying AT&T, Team B will develop a research question, while making sure the problem is defined. The team will also determine an appropriate research design and identify the dependent and independent variables. Lastly, the team will identify a sample design to use for collecting data.

Research Question for AT&T

The research question is; did the retrenching of 12,000 Employees by AT&T secure its financial position? AT&T is among the largest providers of telephone services in the USA and across the globe (Kleinfield, 1981). In late 2008, AT&T announced that because of the economic/financial pressure that was being felt across the world, it would cut 12,000 jobs, about 4% of its workforce. This was a “changing business mix and a more streamlined organizational structure” according to the company (“AT&T Inc.”, 2007).

In recent months, AT&T has improved its financial position because of the layoffs. It is imperative to note that AT&T made a compensation attempt by adding employees in some areas of the company that was “understaffed” (AT&T, 1998). What should be understood is that the company was not facing any financial itch as reported by many media houses. It was merely taking some precautionary measures that would see the avoidance of one major financial meltdown. AT&T, however, managed to secure and increase its financial position in a period when many companies were facing an economic crisis.

Research Design for AT&T

AT&T research design is extremely important to millions of Americans who depend on communication for their daily activities since access to communication is critical currently. The company’s design policies are standards that assist to improve and develop communication products and services. These are more appealing to a wide range of end-users. Their product development processes will consider the universal design implication on the design of new products and services, and when making enhancements to AT&T’s products and services offerings. Their design must be consistent with their dedication to variety and corporate social responsibility (Cooper and Schindler, 2006). The development of new innovative products and services should also be considered.

Sample Design for AT&T

Delivering a valuable customer experience is crucial to the success of AT&T. The objective of exploration by the researcher may be accomplished by using several techniques. Individual interviews, participant observation, and case studies are all examples of qualitative techniques that AT&T can use to help with research design and solving problems. Allowing the customers to participate in a survey at the end of the customer service call or at the end of the service repair will aid in the research study.


In conclusion, AT&T laying off about 4% of its workers in 2008 allowed the company to secure its financial position during the global economic meltdown. To continue leading in its line of business, the company’s research design should be consistent with its long-term commitments. A sample design that uses qualitative techniques in data collection will be useful.


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