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The Rock T-Shirt Company would like to represent its Business Plan. With the development of modern technologies, it became possible to print images not only on the paper, but on anything you want. For example, on T-shirts! It is young and developing business with a lot of opportunities. Cloths with signs and images are attractive and always popular. If you like Metal or Rock music, you probably want to express yourself in an interesting way and show everyone around, what your favourite bands are. That is when our company comes.

Rock T-Shirt offers T-shirts with any brand logos and photos. One of the main features of the Rock T-Shirt is that customers can choose a design, color, and print during the pre-order. Also, on our official website, every registered client can custom design, logo and image itself, using a special program provided. With the help of modern computer technologies, the prints will be smooth and clear. Rock T-Shirt will be designed for teenagers mostly, but for registered clients, the product can be delivered anywhere and they will be able to order any size they want. Rock T-Shirt will have several stores in Los Angeles, which will expand in the future.

Rock T-Shirt can conventionally divide the market into four parts. This division is specified by the way customers purchase T-shirts and by the type of them. According to this conventional division, the first type of customers includes those who buy the complete product in our local stores. The second one is comprised of those who want a custom T-shirt. The third and the fourth types include those who want to purchase usual and custom T-shirts through the internet. This division is simple and convenient. It helps to target different types of clients and to define, whether delivery is needed or not.

As for the market penetration, Rock T-Shirt has several competitive advantages. Without music, life would be a mistake (Nietzsche 9) Music is always popular and Rock T-shirts will always provide a variety of different T-shirts to suit all tastes and preferences. The main competitive strategy is to establish good relations with popular local music clubs and bands. With their help, it will be easy to make a good commercial for our stores and website. Also, Rock T-Shirt will provide a good selection of images, logos, and materials to choose from, during customization of your unique and cool T-shirt on our website.

Images will be printed on shirts by the means of sublimation or silk-screening. The second method is not beneficial if the number of products is not very high. Also, the silk-screening method is not very good for health as the ink layer covers the surface of a T-shirt and makes it airtight, preventing air change, while Sublimation does not have this problem, and nowadays it is more profitable (Cohn n.p.). Also, it provides images of high quality in T-shirts made of high-quality material.

Rock T-Shirt’s lead manager is Jason Gray. He is a good manager and a musician. It is his first experience of such a kind. Before this venture project, he was working in a music store as a manager. Jason knows customers’ needs and he has some connections in the music industry, which is good for our commercial strategy. Jason possesses good management skills and remarkable intuition. Even approximate sales forecast shows that by the first year Rock T-Shirt will have already achieved solid sales.

Rock T-Shirt stores will require qualified staff. We will need at least one shop assistant in each store, an accountant, somebody responsible for the printing, employees who will help customers with making orders and customizing their T-shirts. Also, we will need a graphic artist, a programmer, and a website moderator.


Cohn, Larry. “Roadblock to Sublimation.” The Engravers Journal 30.5 (2004): n.pag. Davis Multimedia. Web.

Nietzsche, Friedrich W. Twilight of the Idols: With The Antichrist ; and Ecce Homo, Hertfordshire: Wordsworth Edition Limited, 2007. Print.

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