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Executive Summary/Overview

Ceka Bar strives to become the most popular sports bar in San Antonio, Texas. The bar projects that its flagship location in San Antonio will have a gross profit of more than $4 million in the first year. In addition, the projected net profit of the first year would be more than $3 million. The expansion will help in fuelling the growth of the bar. The bar will strive to open new locations in San Antonio and other neighboring cities.

Mission Statement

Ceka Bar strives to be the most popular sports bar in San Antonio and the entire state of Texas. The bar endeavors to have a competitive edge in the market. In addition, Ceka Bar aspires to ensure that its customers enjoy their free time watching the game of their choice in the bar. The bar will have many televisions that will broadcast various sporting events. Ceka Bar will strive to create a suitable atmosphere that will enable the customers to have a sense of “place” while in the bar. This will help in retaining customers.

Market Analysis

San Antonio is one of the largest cities in Texas. It has a population of 1.3 million people. 30.8% of the population of the city is between 25 and 44 years old. Ceka Bar will target this group. People in this age group spend more money on alcoholic drinks. However, the choice of alcoholic drink may vary from one individual to another. Beer will be one of the major drinks in Ceka Bar. However, the bar will also serve other drinks.

Time spent in a bar is usually directly proportional to the amount of money that customers spend in the bar. Therefore, Ceka Bar will strive to ensure that customers spend more time in the bar. It will create a good atmosphere that will encourage customers to spend more time in the bar.

Description of the Company

The concepts of Ceka Bar will have three major elements. This would improve the competitiveness of the bar. The concepts include sports-based themes, location, and quality service. Ceka Bar will have various sports-based themes that would attract sports enthusiasts. The location of the sports bar will help in attracting customers. Demographic indicators will help in determining the most suitable location of the bar. The bar will also provide high-quality services to its customers. This will enable the bar to build a good image and reputation. These elements will be complementary to each other. This will ensure the ultimate success and profitability of the Ceka Bar.

Organization and Management

Ceka Bar will be a sole proprietorship business. Jeyhun Seyidli will be the sole owner of the bar. He will be the CEO and president of the bar. Ceka Bar will strive to open bars in various locations in Texas. During the initial phase, Seyidli will undertake all operations of the bar. However, after opening five more locations, the bar will hire a director of store operations, a full-time accountant, and a marketing director who will oversee the future expansion of the bar. The bar will also hire three attendants in each location to help in serving the customers.

Marketing and Sales

Ceka Bar will use both local media and event marketing to improve its competitiveness. The bar will give special emphasis on local radio since it is the most efficient means of advertising. Local print media is also one of the major advertising channels that the bar would use. The bar will mainly focus on local channels of advertising during its first year. However, after establishing a significant number of bars in Texas, the bar will use broader advertising channels.

Opening new locations will enable Ceka Bar to increase its revenue. This is the major sales strategy of the bar. The bar will ensure that the individual locations strive to increase their customer base. The goal of the company is to have annual sales of $5 million for each location. The company will consider a location as mature when its annual sales surpass $3.5 million.

Description of Product or Service

Ceka Bar will strive to price all items on its menu favorably. On a normal day, customers would spend between $10 and $20 in the bar. However, during game days, customers would spend more money in the bar. The bar will strive to create an atmosphere that will encourage the customer to spend more time in the bar. This will ensure that the customer spends more money in the bar.

Ceka Bar will strive to use an identity-oriented marketing strategy to improve its competitiveness. The bar will strive to ensure that sports enthusiasts associate themselves with the bar. This will enable the bar to retain more customers.


The bar requires $1 million to be operational. Seyidli will invest $500,000 in cash. A bank loan will provide additional funding. Equity and debt infusion of 1 million will facilitate the rapid expansion of the bar. Reliance on only cash flow would not facilitate the rapid expansion of the bar. Outside investment capital would enable the bar to acquire a buffer of excess cash flow. This would enable the bar to revise its expansion plans on short notice. Therefore, outside investment capital would provide the company with financial stability.

Expansion is the major business strategy of the bar. Therefore, the management of the bar will strive to seize every available opportunity to accelerate the expansion of the bar. The management would use excess cash to fuel expansion. The expansion will ensure the future profitability and financial stability of the bar.


Income Statement 1st Year

Income Statement 1st Year

Income Statement 5th Year

The projected average annual growth of Ceka Bar due to continued expansion of the bar into new locations is 20%. This will increase the total revenue. The projected annual increase in advertisement costs is 10%. On the other hand, the projected annual increase in rent is 20%. This is due to the establishment of new locations. The projected annual increase in costs of all other expenses is 3%.

Income Statement 5th Year


This business plan has many assumptions. The plan assumes that the economy will grow slowly (less than 3%). However, it assumes that there would be no major recession. In addition, the plan assumes that Ceka Bar will have access to the equity that would help in financing its expansion. The plan also assumes that various sports will continue being popular.

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