Learning Activity #1Answer the following questions:1. Can you think of something that is legal but unethical, or something that is ethical but illegal?2. Do you think business ethics is important? Why or why not?3. Identify reasons why a person would be interested in being ethical, and classify those reasons in terms of whether they represent moral motivation or economic motivation.4. Think about the television programs and films you’ve seen recently that depicted business in some way. How were business and business people portrayed? Is there anything business could or should do to improve its media image? Some businesses try to stay out of the limelight. Why might that be? What do you thinK of that strategy?Learning Activity #2A CASE STUDYFood shortage:Rana is a sharp minded business man. He is quite updated and seeks opportunities to earn money. Along with his business activities he is also engaged in the social circles around him. He is an active member of several NGOs and welfare societies. Donating a part from his income on welfare work is his practice. He comes to know that there is a severe food shortage in an underdeveloped city. A bright idea comes to his mind to avail the opportunity to earn huge profit. He arrives to that city with a lot of food stuff to sell to starving people. He plans to sell all the food stuff at higher prices as poor people are ready to spend all their life savings to buy and store food. After few hours of his arrival, he is informed that few heavy vehicles with food items from different NGOs are on the way to supply food free of cost. The poor people are still unaware of this news and not expecting help from the government and independent welfare bodies. Rana can make a huge profit if he does not tell the locals about the incoming of the vehicles to supply food. Informing people will give him nothing.Question: What should Rana do?

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