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Brutus goes through a chat with Cassius. This happens to appear in Act 4 scene 3. The conversation was held in their camps in Brutus ten, where Brutus was conveying his sentiments about the homicide of Caesar.

Brutus and Cassius are having a sustained quarrel. Where Brutus is blaming Cassius for becoming more of an untrustworthy person and reminds him of the reason for Caesar’s assassination. Brutus warns Cassius about being an unscrupulous person and tells him that the homicide of Caeser was not a road that was leading them to become more like him but was only done to stop Caeser from becoming more corrupted. In the scene, they later restored harmony after they had a heated argument which leads to Cassius suggesting that Brutus might as well put an end to his life.

The main distinction of the deliberation will be the honor that is being portrayed in Julius Caesar and the focus will be on the following characters Brutus, Caesar, and Cassius.

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Cassius thought the elimination of Julius Caeser will make him gain power and also be honored more or less the same as Caeser and he was also worried and at the same time angry at Caeser because he saw that Caeser was starting to turn his back on him which made him realize that he will eventually forget about his existence. Cassius was considered to be one of the most dynamic members in the stratagem of eliminating Caesar but he also conspired with Brutus even though they had rationales about the whole idea of Caesar’s assassination. ‘The fault. . . Is not in our stars but in ourselves, that we are underlings’ (1.2.139-40). When Cassius saw that Brutus was somehow beginning to doubt their plan influenced Brutus and state his reasons why they should go on with the homicide of Julius Caesar. Cassius stated that Caeser was treating him in a subordinate manner. The rise of the theme of Betrayal is where Cassius associates himself with activities that are related to corruption and this Does not go well with Brutus he is a man whose honest and does not associate himself with unworthy actions. However, this suggests that Cassius did not kill Caeser for the fact that he was involved in unworthy things but because he wanted to take always his power and gain it all to himself.

Brutus is portrayed as a character who is a very compounded dramatist personae. He is proud of the way his living his life although he is not always realistic he remains proud of his honor and reputation of the nobility. He was respected for how he lived his life in an honest way, although he was also involved in the killing of Caesar he did not picture it as something which was wrong but he saw it as something that will benefit the people of Rome. Brutus has been thinking about the problem that represents liberty. He asks for time to think the matter over, and a month later, speaking alone in his orchard, reveals that his mind has since thought of little else and has trouble arriving at the decision whether to participate in the assassination ‘Caesar, now be still: I killed not thee with half so good a will,’ these words were spoken by Brutus to Cassius. Cassius was the one who made Brutus see this as a way of getting rid of someone who was not good enough to rule the people of Rome because of his unworthiness not only to Cassius but to the people of Rome as a whole. Brutus does everything in his life through honor and he is led by it in order for him to be able to view what happens around him in a different manner. Brutus’ character also compromises even more multiplex by his insensible sanctimony. He acts Cassius as being dishonest in how he makes money but still wants a share of the pilot’s personal honor.

Different characters show different ways in which they express and gain honor. The play mostly speaks about the importance of power in gaining honor and being able to gain recognition in different environments, it also suggests that can gain honor by the way you behave and do things.

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