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Nowadays, there are many businesses established in the United Arab Emirates. The majority of new companies and start-ups face significant problems with brand promotion and offering their products or services to an aimed market. Bricks Concept Development is a company that specializes in helping new brands become popular, investors allocate their financial means properly, and assists existing businesses in becoming more successful.


Often, inexperienced people have great ideas about services or products that they want to create and sell these innovations to earn money and make their customers benefit from such offers. However, young businessmen have problems with effective branding and promotion of their companies (Govers, 2014). Therefore, Bricks Concept Development is always ready to help these initiative people who want to make the world a better place.

Who We Are

Bricks Concept Development is a professional consulting company that aims at supporting new brands and services by suggesting appropriate methods of development and analyzing a certain market with our clients. Also, Bricks Development Concept is always ready to invest money in a particular start-up if the organization’s experts forecast its successful future. Our main goal is to make every client benefit from our consultations. Your success is important to us because this is how we understand that the UAE business society needs our consultations and strives to develop regularly.

What We Offer

Once a new customer contacts us, our first aim is to understand what type of business this person wants to establish and how can we help him or her to get their products or services to the desired market. To begin with, we study every case thoroughly and create a concept with our clients to display the main details and intentions of the future brand (Zhang, 2015). Next, we discuss your vision of the project and identify the main objectives for the nearest future. It is necessary for every young businessman or a team to understand and clearly see the point it has to reach.

To make an appropriate and efficient consultation, experts from Bricks Concept Development must assess a suggested product or service and analyze its opportunities in a certain market (Uhl & Gollenia, 2015). After that, we are ready to position, challenge, and define the developed business concept targeting the most beneficial practical implications and outcomes for the new brand. In the next stage, our responsibility implies the development of both a concept strategy and a business case that will have a positive impact on both operational and financial returns of the consulted brand once it is launched.

As it is mentioned above, we also offer consultations to investors who want to allocate their extra financial means among young brands to multiply their capitals (Levy, 2016). As our company also specializes in investments, we can help people without any knowledge in this sphere to invest their money properly. Our experts choose several brands from our database that are expected to be the most successful companies and discuss the benefits of supporting one or another start-up.

Our Advantages over Competitors

Some people might not understand the opportunities of choosing the Bricks Concept Development Company from the list of other consulting firms. This is a good reason to explain why our services are unique and what they bring to our clients. First, we elaborate with young businessmen on the creation of their desired brands and firms. At this stage, we recommend several visions that this company has to choose and follow to make its appearance special and beneficial for consumers in the chosen market.

After the first phase of branding is complete, we proceed to another stadium. Our experts assess our budget and organize a plan with financial expenses for the nearest future. All the concepts developed before will be organized and presented to the target audience via social media and other effective Internet resources (Hollebeek, Glynn, & Brodie, 2014). At the end of the first consultation, we identify the vector of the business’s development and set short-term and long-term objectives that will be best to generate profits as soon as possible.

Speaking about or advantages over other similar firms, it would be proper to emphasize that our employees are interested in your companies’ prosperity. Hence, they develop individual approaches to every project requested. Moreover, they will always try to understand our clients even if the latter public does not know any terms or concepts of brand promotion. Therefore, we ensure the integrity of your personal information. Our clients say that the organization’s services are worth every cent that they pay for them. Even if you have an unlimited budget, our consultants will only use the necessary amount of available money at the beginning.

Stages of Our Work

Based on our experience in the promotion of new brands, we know that the most frequently asked questions by young businessmen are the following:

  • How to start the company?
  • What will my project look like?
  • How much should I invest?
  • How can I enter the market?
  • How do I hire professional employees?
  • Where will I buy all the necessary materials?
  • How can I gain profit?

The Bricks Concept Development Company is always ready to assist you if you seek answers to any of the questions above. The first stage of building a brand implies a case study. Our experts conduct an authentic financial analysis and feasibility research regarding the main intention of our clients’ businesses. Also, we develop the entire concepts of their future firms’ models.

The next stage is branding. Here, we help our customers create or elaborate on their existing corporate identities, their companies’ stories, and pieces of entertainment that will attract new clients to them. The next stage is execution that is intended to identify our clients’ businesses’ machinery, leasing opportunities, and design interiors of their offices.

Another essential stage in the development process of any brand is its management (Wanke, Ewbank, Leiva, & Rojas, 2016). At this stage, the Bricks Company helps its clients to identify relevant S.O.P. and P.O.S. for their products. Then, responsible employees will be found and taught with the help of specific training. After this, all the primary inventory and equipment will be purchased at reasonable prices. The last stage is marketing. Here, we promote your brands via social media, elaborate on your products’ or services’ attraction, and organize all the necessary events for the target audience.


If you have an idea to establish a company or a brand, Bricks Concept Development is up to your services. We are a consulting firm that will save you a tremendous amount of time and money to develop your ideas into sustainable businesses. Our experienced experts will teach and guide you at every stage of your project or plan.


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