Deliverable 2 Instructions

Find user and third-party reviews about your brand.  Independent user reviews are from sources other than company origins.  Examples include sources such as user forums, Amazon reviews from purchasers, Yelp reviews, etc.  Third party reviews come from sources other than company origins, such as Consumer Reports, CNet and independent, non-company sources.  To search for third party reviews, use a search engine using strings such as XXX reviews, where XXX is your marketing plan brand name.  Next do the same for the brand you selected as its key competitor.

Populate the cells in pages 2 – 6 of this document with your findings.

Page 2: Brand Analysis (Samsung Watch)

1. Exchange (the need your brand fulfills)*

2. The type of customer behavior (impulse, habitual, limited, extended)

3. Primary reasons users select your brand*

4. Primary reasons non-users reject your brand*

5. Primary way customers use your brand*

6. Central marketing situation facing your brand*

*Must be based on user reviews, third party reviews and consumer, competitors and industry trends.

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