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We are

  • The manufacturer of home audio systems, headphones, speakers, automobile sound systems (
  • Employer for more than 9,000 people in 25 countries (Bose, 2019)
  • Environmentally friendly (Bose, 2019)
  • Current proposed positioning and differentiation:
  • The application of the newest technologies and developments
  • Attention to minor details
  • Unique quality

Why slogan works

In recent years, it has become fashionable to take care of nature and utilize eco-friendly products explicitly. Thus, if people know that Bose is a company concerned with the protection of the environment, they will become more willing to purchase its products despite higher prices.

Target Area Analysis

Bose operates in the oligopolistic market, where there are three dominating companies as Apple, Samsung, and JBL.

The type of market segmentation is a psychographic one. Different companies target people of different priorities (brand vs. price), lifestyles, and interests.

Our Problem

Bose is gradually giving way to its competitors even though it manufactures high-quality products. As a result, we have to close some of our retail stores. The primary competitor is Apple, Inc. Apple deprives us of potential customers since its digital products could be connected only to EarPods. Thus, it becomes immensely challenging to compete in the market of headphones and audio systems. Besides, the average price of EarPods is around $225, while wireless headphones by Bose cost almost $280.

The goal of the campaign is to increase sales and attractiveness of Bose.

Target Audience Analysis

The core audience is men and women at the age of 27 – 45 with average and above-average income. They prefer buying high-quality products and know a lot about good sound because they listen to music every day.

The secondary audience is parents and grandparents of teenagers who do not have their income. These people are older than 40 years and are not interested in music. They might be willing to buy Boses products because their children or grandchildren asked for an audio system or headphones as a birthday or Christmas present.


Bose (2019). Bose 2019 sustainability report. Web. (n.d.). About us. 2020, Web.

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