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The book Henry Ford- A Life From Beginning To End written by Hourly History recounts the events of Henry Ford’s childhood which shaped the person he turned out to be. The book also highlights the many accomplishments of Henry Ford throughout his life. The main focus of the book is to tell the impact Henry Ford had on the automobile industry. Henry Ford changed the industry for many years to come.

The author used memories of Henry Ford’s childhood and adolescence years so the readers could get a better understanding of how he grew up and how he was raised. As well as giving insight into how he got to love the mechanical aspects of things. The author also shared with us Ford’s many failures and accomplishments with business partners. Along with memories, the author used quotes from Henry Ford. These are the words Henry Ford lived by. With this information the author allows you to relive Henry Ford’s life through the text.

The book begins by giving insight on Henry Ford’s childhood, he lived on a farm in Greenfield Township, Michigan. Henry Ford was born in the middle of the American civil war. Henry worked on the farm in his early years of growing up this introduced him to hard labor which made him want to try something different. This is when Henry started tinkering with scrap pieces of metal and forming those into tools. Henry’s father gave him a pocket watch which Henry learned all the mechanics and moving parts by taking it apart and putting it together numerous times. After learning about parts and putting them back together he had a newfound love for car engines. After the passing of his mother in 1876, Ford decided to leave the farm for a better life. In return, this opened many doors for Henry in the mechanist world. These are the events that shaped the automobile industry for years to come.

In the year 1891 Henry’s career started to take off. Henry started working for the Edison Illuminating Company where he was an engineer and then became a chief engineer. This left him with extra time to start messing around with the gasoline engine. He built his first automobile the Ford Quadricycle which was made at the Edison Illuminating Company in 1896. With accomplishments come failures and as a result, Henry’s first automobile company did not work out, but he did not let that stop him. Henry was persistent and learned from his mistakes he then teamed up with a former racer and together they made another car that made Henry’s business take off.

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As business was starting off Henry Ford created his own automobile the Model T. The Model T was the first car that was invented and made affordable. The Model T was one of the first cars that a consumer could drive by themselves and not have to pay someone to operate it. The invention of the Model T brought along with it the discovery of the assembly line which is used in many companies today. The assembly line was a more efficient way to put together parts. The time spent assembling an automobile was cut in half. The assembly line brought the parts to the workers instead of the workings going to the parts which cut out time. This in return allowed Henry Ford to make an automobile faster and at a more affordable cost for consumers which was a big goal for Henry.

Ford was not only concerned about making an affordable automobile. Henry Ford was the first to introduce what is commonly known as a car warranty. This is something that goes into effect to keep the car operating for the consumer at the lowest cost. In the 1880’s the idea of “welfare capitalism” came about, in which Henry was a firm believer. Henry wanted to improve the lives of his workers. Ford took care of his workers and despised labor unions. He wanted to split a job between multiple people so there would be more productivity. He raised the salary by double and he introduced to them a five day work week. Ford also began hiring people of color, he wanted to give everyone equal opportunity. Ford saw his workers as family, not just somebody working for him. Henry wanted to reinvent the workplace and make it more rewarding.

Henry Ford formed a legacy from his hard work and dedication throughout the years. Henry opened a new factory at Willow Run. Willow Run was known for being the biggest assembly line in the world resulting in increased production. When Henry Ford began aging and became ill he died as a result of a cerebral hemorrhage. Henry Ford handed over his lifelong legacy to his grandson who then became president of the company.

To conclude, anyone who wants to know more about Henry Ford or the events that formed the person he was needs to take a minute to read this book. It starts at childhood and also tells about the major accomplishments of Henry Ford. Henry Ford was known for transforming what was known as a luxury vehicle into one that could be used by the majority of the American people. Henry Ford will always be a part of history and is the reason for the automobile industry’s success today.

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