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My life has been characterised by some factors and challenges that have shaped my aspirations and personal life. All over my life, I have always aspired to be better than all people since I had it harder than everyone within my proximity.

Being from a poor household with both of my parents unemployed presented me with many challenges. However, my parents imparted to me at childhood that college was the best choice to make something for myself. I continuously desired to be prosperous in life. Due to this fact, that one piece of advice caught in my head from the first day I was admitted in elementary school up until my present days in high school.

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My life has often been a struggle from not being able to pay for school materials one year, to not being able to have the funds for school clothes the subsequent. I did not allow my shortcomings prevent me from attaining my future goals attainment of a scholarship from my dream college. As I made the next step into middle school, I ensured that all the moves that I made would lead me towards the right path.

On a daily basis, I studied hard to prepare me for high school and elsewhere. Due to this, I attained excellent grades, and I had the feeling that nothing could hinder me. Up to one day when I received a phone call that my dad had passed on. Again a hard obstacle in my path, although I preserved. I allowed the life of my father to lead me through in the remaining years of my middle school, and I completed strong.

My dad would not have the wish to see me fail rather continue working hard towards my goals. The death of my dad at my tender age at 12 moulded me into a stronger person. This challenge, yet very frightening gave me that additional inspiration I desired to reassure me that I was ordained for better things. Arriving at the high school was a change I thought that I was ready for, and I was miserably wrong.

The curriculum was too hard for me and also the independence. I started to realise I could not be able to get the 4.0 I had attained in middle school. After that I began to think of my family and how dissatisfied they would be to see me come this far and fail to achieve my goals. I knew I was able. From this time I worked harder to retain good grades and also kept involved in school activities.

At the beginning of my high school life, I got involved in opportunities that would help improve myself. I gained the opportunity to attend the Diversity Conference in New Orleans which was a major success. In that conference I interacted with many people with similar interests as mine, people struggling not to be a figure, however a successful member of the community. I learned that students from a poor background like myself could indeed excel and succeed above anything when they put their focus on it.

This conference brought me closer to several other minorities like myself who struggle on a daily basis. Hearing everybody’s story enlightened me about the world we are living in. This involvement shaped me into a courageous woman and inspired me more. Looking back at all the experiences I underwent through the financial crisis, to my dad passing on, then problems in school made me understand exactly what I should do in life.

I found myself aspiring to be a child therapist. Considering all the stressful situations, I had to deal with on my own made me wish that I had someone to help and guide me through most of my problems. By becoming a child, the therapist will be a good way of giving back to the community and assisting children who aspire to become better. I am somebody who indeed has many flaws. However, I won’t allow them to define who I am as a person. I desire to get into my dream College and graduate. I also wish to advance in my career choice of becoming a child therapist.

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I won’t allow anything to ruin my path in life. I often had doubts about getting into my dream college due to situations I experienced. My fighting spirit and ambition has kept me moving over the years. The desire I have to attain my goals has set me apart from everybody else. I could not be the average 4.0 student that most of the colleges look for. However, I am a strong person with great qualities. My parents have been my role model, who have inspired me. Anytime I think of quitting in my studies, I would remember their piece of advice and feel inspired to move on.

I am seeking to accomplish the American dream that I have confidence in I have gained. I have overcome a lot of challenges, and I learned from all of them. If given the opportunity at this occasion, I won’t be a disappointment since I will succeed despite the obstacle.`

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