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Yes, I had the manners of Hrothgar and Beowulf.

Nowadays, people want to elect politicians as their leaders to do good things for nations, their countries, and their beloved world. But what is it that needs to be a good leader? We see a great number of leaders around us. But there are very few leaders like King Hrothgar and Beowulf. So our generation or coming future generations should learn and take lessons from them. So again what are the manners or characteristics of a good leader? Many of us think of a great leader as being one who is steadfast, trustworthy, bravest, fearless, a jack of all trades, and dedicated to the ones they work with and serve. Both King Hrothgar and Beowulf possess all these manners or characteristics in them more or less.

In the poem, Our primary protagonist King Hrothgar is a wise, humble, generous king and leader, he works hard to secure his people and to reward his people whether it is a very small or great accomplishment. It is clear that he is a visionary king who builds places in his kingdom, like Heorot, a place where his people could share happiness and the great king could share his gifts and all the valuable treasures among them.

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The most supreme of Hrothgar’s manners can be summed up by the word devoted. He is religious. He shows his utter devotion to his omnipotent God, and his devotion to the people of his land and later he develops a righteous relationship with Beowulf. His unquestionable faith and devotion to God were directly referred to by King Hrothgar in his speeches and it was this faith that carried him steadfastly through the good times and the bad times of his life. It is evident that the Danes felt and appreciated the devotion Hrothgar had for them because they only said good things about him. He has the ability to share, reward, honor, praise, and encourage others.

Throughout the poem, Our unparalleled supreme protagonist Beowulf showed his bravery; success as a warrior, a hero, and a king. The young Beowulf always wanted to prove himself worthy which he is, as he showed maximum bravery and slayed many demons before and after to save the people from them. A legacy is not something that one needs to tell people about. It’s something that people will do autonomously; they will know the one already with no introduction like Beowulf.

Beowulf did not retreat into anger and resentment but set himself the goal of becoming even better than he was. So the world of Beowulf is one which glitters and shines with treasures. Beowulf’s society revolves around the treasure because of its importance to the tribe. Treasure is the main element in the nature of man. Economists have stated repeatedly that the reason why society is able to stay intact is because of Self-interest; it was no different in the time of Beowulf.

The greatest strength comes from our minds, not from our weapons. Beowulf is able to go after monsters with his bare hands not because he is a hero or he can’t swing the swords but because he has humility and respect when he needs to, and he knows how to use his heads. There are always monsters to fight. Therefore, we should honor those who went before and what they represented.

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