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Behavioral approaches to learning are rooted in the minds of John B. Watson and B. F. Skinner. With his stimulus-response model, Watson claims that a particular stimulus evokes observable responses in human behavior. Meanwhile, Skinner’s operant conditioning maintains that pleasant things have an invigorating effect on human behavior, so we repeat desirable behaviors and eliminate undesirable ones. want. By applying them in the classroom, teachers may find it easier to understand the magnitude of student behavior and encourage them to reach their full potential. According to several experts from ‘Building an Educational Philosophy’, educators emphasize the importance of preparing the learning environment for students to achieve learning goals. A child’s environment is an important factor in developing an interest in learning. It includes both material and immaterial aspects. The material aspect demands order and creativity, while the immaterial aspect emphasizes the development of positive behavior and preferences.

An organized learning environment contributes to easy learning and enables students to perform at their best. In this view, the physical environment of the classroom should be well organized and free of obstructions to allow for an organized learning process. An example of behaviorism in the classroom is when a teacher rewards the class or certain students with a special party or weekend treat for their good behavior throughout the week. The same concept is used with penalties. Teachers can withdraw some privileges if a student misbehaves. As an education student, it is important for me to know the types of approaches or theories involved in teaching and learning.

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In this case, certain approaches have been built into the teaching and learning process. All approaches are implemented in the teaching process to achieve positive effects for students and teachers themselves. The use of this method itself is to improve or increase student learning. Although some theories still use common methods, students are unwilling to participate in the learning process. Therefore, the role of the teacher is to apply an approach appropriate to the student’s conditions to arouse the student’s interest in learning.

In this case, I would like to discuss behaviorism which is explained in detail through the history of behaviorism, its definition, characteristics, principles, etc. behaviorism, strengths and weaknesses of behaviorism, and the use of this method itself to improve or increase student learning. Although some theories still use common methods, students are unwilling to participate in the learning process. Therefore, the role of a future teacher is to apply an appropriate approach according to the condition of the student so that the student can enjoy learning.

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