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I once heard euthanasia is a heart-wrenching kindness and i believe that to be true.Although we as vet techs know it is the right thing to do, being apart of ending there pain and suffering,it is hard being the one to end it knowing the bond an animal has with its owner.Everyone has their own thoughts about this topic and how we prefer to handle it.There are different tolerances everyone has on how it should be done and what the right thing to do is.It takes a strong and compassionate person to work with clients in this predicament everyday.As agonizing as this part of the field is we are trying in our best to do what is best for the animal and it comes with a price.

There are so many things to say about this topic because it is not something that you should take lightly and not as simple as helping an animal through the pain and suffering but, it is also about helping the owner come to terms with the conditions of this type of moment and reassure them they are doing the right thing.Euthanasia can and will be the hardest part of the job. It may seem clear what to do in cases such as severe illness,old age, and massive trauma but the clear fact is it can be to do what we need to do.It’s not a small situation to end a life and with each client there is a certain manner you must approach this situation with and that is with care and respect.I Do believe, in some cases it is the best thing to for our animals and it’s our responsibility to know what is best for them.

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This type of treatment is both right and wrong depending on the way you go about using it. It is morally acceptable to use this for animals suffering knowing when the time has come. It is also, ethically unacceptable to let a person end a life with no medical reasoning to to do so. There are many different cases I will have to deal with that are not as simple as what I am writing about but I believe there is a limit you take and should know when it is right or wrong.The word euthanasia can be said in many different ways but the meaning of the real word means killing of a patient suffering from an incurable and painful disease.It does not mean kill for your own convenience

I personally would not want to be a part in convenience euthanasia because you are killing an animal that you do not want alive anymore and it is not right. I would not want to be apart of a clinic that does that type of work and knowing i’m apart of killing animals for no medical issues at all. The only tolerance I would have myself involved with would be an older dog that was very sick,of course there are different situations that will come but, I would hope the clinic I plan to work for will have certain rules about at what point an animal can be euthanized. I would also be involved with a predicament in which the animal is in an extreme medical measures or if the veterinarian where to rule out that the animal is too vicious for anyone too handle and that would be about the extent of it.

It’s a mercy that we are granted the ability to end suffering.It is a moment we are given to decide to let go and give them a chance to go without suffering.Yet, it is always the hardest thing we do. To stay with a friend and help let go of one of their own.It’s a mercy and a curse. Not everyone is capable to do this line of work but I hope with guidance I will be able to give compassion and help to those owners that need it and be there for the animals that don’t need to suffer anymore. This is a heart wrenching field but,I am ready to go into it with an open mind and to be a help to those in need.

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