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‘What do you want to do when you leave school?’ – a question that filled me with a sense of dread and uncertainty at the age of seventeen. After completing a degree in Fashion and going straight into an office-based environment, I felt a lack of motivation and morale, and I knew something was missing. The enthusiasm I feel towards children’s physical and emotional development has driven me to fulfill my passion where I can have a positive impact on children’s lives.

Over the past six years, I have obtained widespread experience working with children, including volunteering at my local youth center and working on ‘The Voice Kids’, where I was compassionate towards children who were suffering from pre-performance nerves. Through both of these experiences, I am confident that I have gained transferable skills, including building relations with children and parents, all of which are beneficial for teachers. Through my current teaching assistant role and ‘Planning, Preparation and Assessment’ cover, I am experiencing the criticality and understanding that teaching poses, in terms of a reward and demand basis. Through the reward and demands of this profession, I have encompassed an accurate understanding of different children’s needs and abilities. It has taught me that no two children are the same and each child should be given the opportunity to reach their full potential.

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I recently observed a key stage 1 phonics lesson and enjoyed supporting the class teacher to ensure all children were engaged in learning throughout the session. I was able to identify any children who were struggling and support these children without disrupting the whole class teaching. When I noticed a common misconception, this allowed me to communicate this with the class teacher, who was able to facilitate a mini-plenary to address this. Likewise, I have had a variety of 1:1 experiences with children, often with those who possess barriers to learning and find the classroom environment challenging. I have high aspirations for students, committing to supporting growth in children and enabling them to reach their full potential. Taking a child from a Year 1 class out for a phonics lesson was a remarkable moment for me. The lesson focused on ‘CVC’ and ‘CVCC’ words, although this proved to be difficult due to the child’s reluctance to participate and communicate. I soon became familiar with the struggle teachers face on a daily basis, and although this proved challenging, once the child gained confidence due to reassurance from myself, they proceeded to participate in the lesson. The sense of reward from this particular lesson was a pivotal moment in my career thus far.

I understand the importance of promoting a positive growth mindset and well-being and building confidence in all children, including those who have English as an additional language and special education needs children. Whilst working with an EAL child in reception, tasks that other children were able to complete with ease, proved challenging due to a lack of communication and a language barrier. To support this child, I used visual cue cards and repetitive language to begin to build confidence and vocabulary. I strongly believe that schools should be a child’s safe and happy place, and that children feel comfortable expressing themselves how they wish, which, in turn, will aid their ability and willingness to learn.

I am a very compassionate person, making me well suited to becoming a primary school teacher, as well as the passion I hold in my devotion to child development and education. I aim to pride myself as a role model to children, as well as an enthusiastic and engaging teacher.

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