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How would it feel to be a 16-year-old teen that is having to go home and tell their parents that they are pregnant, or that they have contracted a sexually transmitted disease? A condom is a thin rubber worn for a man during sexual intercourse as a contraceptive as a protection against infection or unwanted pregnancies. Condoms should be available in high schools to help teenagers prevent teenage pregnancy and lower sexually transmitted diseases. However, parents are arguing that condoms will distract adolescents from education and will interfere with their religious beliefs. Distributing condoms in high schools is not promoting sex, but is helping to be more responsible and not take risks. For these reasons, condoms should be available for teenagers to protect themselves if they are already sexually active.

To begin with, in past decades there has been a big impact on teenage pregnancy. Teenagers are seeking advice about sex, and some parents do not have the proper guidance for their children. By supporting sex education by parents, schools can guide students who are sexually active. There are so many unwanted pregnancies even more during high school, to help prevent this situation, condoms should be available in high schools because they are helpful and it provides to lower teenage pregnancy. With sex education, teens can be open to any school member and ask any questions in case they are sexually active. Distributing condoms in high schools is helping them have a fair chance for everyone either to use it or not. According to Leslie Kantor “Over the last 20 years, teen birth rates across the United States have been continuously declining. In fact, the teen birth rate in 2016 dropped 9% from 2015. Many factors have been linked to this decline, but especially prominent is the increase in contraception use. As teens spend the majority of their time at school, it is the most natural and convenient place for sex education, including condom distribution”(20). Schools are not just going to distribute condoms to students without a proper discussion about sex education. A little education about sex and condom use many teenage pregnancies can be prevented.

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Another situation that teenagers are comforting is that there are so many sexual diseases; fortunately, there is a program to help. Sexually transmitted diseases increase during sexual action. A teenager with any disease can be passed to others by sexually contacting another person. Condom availity programs in the U.S. program to help students reduce teenage diseases. School condom availability programs recommend that condoms should be available to adolescents as part of the school health program. This program will explain disease prevention includes maintaining a healthy diet, exercising regularly, and preventing injuries. It’s also important for teenagers to know about their sexual partner because the more they know about their partner’s history they can prevent contact with a disease. It’s important to know how to use the condom method in case teenagers are having sex. If teenagers have sex education, they can use correctly condoms which have an effect in increasing the probability of sexually transmitted disease.

Moreover, many parents worry about sex education and condom availability in high schools. Giving condoms it’s basically encouraging teenagers in high school to have sex. They say that this would make teenagers to be more curious, and ask questions about having sex rather than concentrating on high school materials. Parents say that schools should be guiding the students to keep up with their education and promote positive moral values towards conduct. They say if teachers want to students don’t have sex they should not distribute condoms to them. If adolescents start to believe they are safe with a condom they are more closer to engaging in dangerous and immoral behavior. Parents say that it is their right to decide if condoms should or should not be distributed in high schools. Presenting condoms to students in high schools presents offense with a variety of religions. Catholics and other religious followers do not believe in birth control. Religions believe that sexual activity should come naturally following their religious traditions. For instance, Rachel Siegel says, The Catholic Church and other conservative faiths oppose various forms of contraception”( ). As parents and Catholics they have their own beliefs, but they should be with the distribution of condoms because teenagers from this generation are in another thinking level. The internet gives them a fast way to research things and even more teenagers who are curious in adolescence can find so many ways to have sex without any protection.

Condoms are a thin rubber worn for the man during sexual intercourse as a contraceptive as a protection against infection or unwanted pregnancies. Condoms should be available in high schools to help teenagers prevent teenage pregnancy and lower sexually transmitted diseases. For these reasons, condoms can be a good option for teenagers who are responsible each time they have sex and want to prevent pregnancies and diseases.

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