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Apple and Google could be considered as the primary competitors in the world of technology and innovation. It is apparent that the companies highly define the trends in the technological market by introducing various applications and novelties. In this instance, the core aim of this paper is to discover the formation and the start and the company’s operations, and the introduction of the first public offerings of stocks of each company. In turn, the stock exchange the company is listed under is presented. It is apparent that the companies have some differences and similarities in their functioning due to the operations in the same industries. In the end, the total equity for each company is assessed to understand the position of each company in the market.

Firstly, the start of the operations of each business has to be determined, as it defines the development of each company. It could be said that the functioning of Apple as an enterprise can be referred to the first meeting of the computer club in 1975, as it contributed to the introduction of the influential individuals to each other and the development of the idea of the creation of the “user-friendly desktop” (Lusted 24). Nonetheless, the company was officially founded on April 1, 1976, and was aimed at changing the computer world (Lusted 28). In turn, Google is a primary competitor of Apple, and it focuses on the advancement of the applications to remain competitive with Apple’s innovations. In this instance, Google wins in the form of the easy functioning of Google Calendar, Google Play Newsstand, and stress-free interface of Google Maps (Mathis 4). In turn, it could be said that Google became a corporation in 1998 due to the ability of Brin and Page to attract the desired funding to support the development of the company in the chosen area of operation (Hamen 44).

Furthermore, it is essential to determine and monitor the first public offerings of stocks by each company. Firstly, it could be said that the IPO plays a vital role in the formation of the company’s financial image in the market, development of the offer of the securities, high influence on the creation of the SEO, brand equity, and enhancement of the appearance of the company in the international industry (Graham and Smart 364). Firstly, Google could be considered as one of the bright examples of the cultivation of new principles in the introduction of stocks in the modern technological era. In this instance, Google declared the presence of the public offerings in 2004, and the IPO was 85 dollars per share (Hansen 86). Nonetheless, the stock’s price increased by the end of the day and was able to improve the financial situation of the corporation. Speaking of Apple, it introduced its IPO in 1980 with the stock opening of 22 dollars per share (O’Grady 6). Apple Inc. was able to increase its stock offer by seven dollars by the end of the day.

Additionally, it is vital to differentiate under which stock exchange the company is operating currently to assess the organization’s current value and position in the market. Firstly, the current development of Apple Inc. in terms of the formation of stock has to be measured. Apple Inc. is currently operating under the ticker symbol AAPL and represents the company in the market (“Nasdaq: Apple Inc.” par.1). The current Apple’s stock value is $96.91 (“Nasdaq: Apple Inc.” par.1). As for Google, it sells its stocks under GOOG while representing Alphabet, Inc. (“Nasdaq: Alphabet Inc.” par.1). In turn, Alphabet Inc.’s stock exchange is currently $705.07 (“Nasdaq: Alphabet Inc.” par.1). Nonetheless, it is evident that Alphabet Inc. is higher since it is a parent company of Google and several others.

Lastly, the total equity of each company has to be evaluated to determine the company’s financial situation and condition in the market. Firstly, the position of Apple has to be measured. Apple’s revenue is 182,795 in 2015 due to its operations in several markets (MarketLine par. 1). Nonetheless, the total equity of Apple remains on the high levels, and it is presented by $119 billion (MarketLine par. 1). It could be said that it defines Apple’s competition on the market while maintaining its company’s image in the market. As for Google, in this case, the equity of Alphabet Inc. has to be assessed and determined, as Google is the part of Alphabet Inc. In this instance, the stakeholder’s equity is $120,331 million (Alphabet Inc. par. 1).

In the end, the paper revealed that the companies have different historical backgrounds, which influenced their positions in the current market. Nonetheless, the primary difference is the date of the formation of the organization. However, the companies cannot be compared, as Alphabet Inc. represents the several companies simultaneously. Finally, it could be said that the evaluation of the historical background, which is related to the financial operations contributes to the understanding of the company’s current success. It remains evident that Google and Apple are the bright examples of the companies, which operate during the time of innovation and development.

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