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The question of what is right or legal had been always a subject of discussion. What is right can be defined as subjective which, is based on someone’s understanding of morality, ethic, and values, and what is legal as an objective which, is based on someone’s understanding of the laws of his community or nation. What is legal does not necessarily means it is right and what is right should not be illegal. It is why sometimes people do what they think to be right even if the law considers those ethics or morals to be illegal. Antigone was in this situation where she decided not to obey the law and did what she thought was morally right. What would be the difference if Antigone decide to do what is legal by watching his loved one not buried and being eaten by animals? Could she forget that moment and live her life like something terrible never happen to her?

What is right is a personal judgment. Morals and ethics are not writing law but they are applied like law because people have been doing them for many years and they are passed from generation to generation. People decided that some behaviors are not acceptable. Therefore it derived from here the sense of ethics and moral good. Antigone lost his two brothers on the same day. Creon, the king of Thebes buried one of the brothers, which is normal because most dead people are buried or burned depending on people’s religions and on what they believe. This has been always what we see people do for their loved ones because they loved them and care for them. This is why Antigone states: “There it is, and now you can prove what you are: A true sister, or a traitor to your family.” (Sophocles). Here Antigone was talking to her sister Ismene about the decision that the king made about their other brother whom he decided not to bury and forbid everyone not to it so. According to the king Antigone’s brother is a threat because he invaded his own country and all threats should be treated the way that the law states about them. Despite that this was an order, Antigone decided to go against it and found all possibilities to make it happen. Antigone believes that she has the right to do it and nothing can stop her.

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Laws, rules, and regulations are made to protect people’s general safety and ensure that every individual rights are fulfilled. Therefore it is an obligation to obey because the law binds all individuals living in a community or nation. Antigone was warned by her sister that she was going against the law and doing that it is not beneficial for her. Ismene States: “Bury him! You have just said the new law forbids it. The law is strong, we must give in to the law. In this thing, and in worse. But think of the danger! Think what Creon will do!” (Sophocles). Antigone herself said to her sister the law forbid them to do it but she was more worried about her moral duty than her legal duty. Antigone believes that God is the only one who can make decisions about herself which she considered to be fair. She also believes that God will never hurt her and her loved ones, so only humans can hurt each other or make decisions that favor one another. This is why she said: “I dared. It was not God’s proclamation. That final Justice. That rules the world below and makes no such laws. Your edict, King, was strong, But all your strength is weakness itself. The immortal unrecorded laws of God. They are not merely now: they were, and shall be,
Operative forever, beyond man utterly.” (Sophocles). Antigone was very clear about her devotion to God than the King.

We should do what is legal because, without laws, everyone can do what they want such as harming others, killing other people, and doing illegal things such as fraud and selling drugs. However, in some cases, laws are difficult to apply to a person that you love. This is why people prefer to suffer or die than obey some laws that they think will change the rest of their lives. Antigone knew that what she was doing was illegal but she preferred to suffer from the consequences of her actions instead of living with chagrin and remorse for the rest of her life. She was feeling sad after losing her two brothers but seeing one of his brothers abandoned in the forest for animal luck was the saddest for her.

Right and legal are two different things that often brought issues when it comes to applying what is legal instead of what is right. What is legal is from the authority in place, which is an obligation for every living citizen to obey, whereas, what is right is a conclusion based on people’s sense of morality, ethic, or justice. Antigone disobeyed the law and did what she thought she has the right to do. She believes that what she should do to please God is superior to what she is supposed to do for her nation, which is love and obedience. Unfortunately, she suffered from her acts, which cost her, her life.     

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