Chap. 5: Flow of Genetic InformationNAME: _____________________________ 1. What are the points called where DNA replication is initiated? 2. Are the point/s at which DNA replication begins on chromosomes in Eukaryotic cells singular or multiple? Explain your answer. 3. What is the enzyme that initiates DNA synthesis and in what direction does the synthesis take place? 4. What do we call cell changes that take place in the copying of DNA sequences that may or may not be good? 5. What is the mechanism that is used to “Repair DNA” in Prokaryotic Bacteria,what are the steps that are followed and does it apply to Eukaryotic cells? 6. What causes damage to DNA? 7. Briefly describe the sequence of events from DNA to Protein. 8. What types of RNA are seen in Eukaryotic Cells? Briefly explain the role of each. 9. What is meant by TRANSCRIPTION? 10. What is meant by TRANSLATION?

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