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Before the start, here are some useful tips for those who are afraid of animals, especially dogs. If you don’t touch them first, I’m sure they’re not going to hit back. I suggest that you take a few steps away and then watch them, not challenging. The second tip is don’t touch them from behind! As they have very narrow eyesight, they might feel like someone attacks them, which leads them to attack you.

The reason why I gave those tips is I’ve experienced people who didn’t follow the tips. It was TERRIBLE, AND UNRESPECTFUL BEHAVIORS. Last Friday, I saw a little child trying to play with a street dog. She rushed to the dog and suddenly, the dog barked at her. Of course, the child started to cry as the dog scared her. At that moment, I thought that it was such a relief that the dog didn’t bite her. But the problem is, that her mom was mad at the dog, and she kicked the dog. It was not the dog’s fault, the dog thought that she would attack him and that’s the reason why the dog barked at her to protect himself.

Recently, I read a BBC newspaper about the number of animal cruelty, according to the article, around 1 million animals are abused each year, and 36% of it is committed by children. Children generally don’t know about animals very well. They don’t know how to treat animals. To prevent animal abuse due to lack of knowledge, their parents should control their children. The problem is parents don’t know how to treat them, either.

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So, I strongly believe that we need to learn about animals to reduce animal cruelty. There is no excuse for animal abuse. But I think most children didn’t know that what they did was animal abuse. For example, children tend to love sweets, such as candy and chocolate. Chocolate is one of the favorite sweets for children, and at the same time, it is harmful to dogs due to a toxic component called ‘theobromine’. My cousin loves dogs. He gave the dog his favorite food, which is chocolate. He thought the dog would like it because it is his favorite food. Do you think that he knows that chocolate is toxic to the dog? I don’t think he does.

The memory in childhood tends to last longer and it is often related to parents because children spend most of their time with them. If children do something that is related to animal abuse without the control of their parents, they don’t care about animal’s rights when they grow up. So, it is important to study them, and adults, especially parents, should stop their children and tell them specific information about animals. This helps reduce the number of animal abuse committed by children, which has high proportion of total animal abuse.

Animals have emotions like us and rights to live like we have. There is no need to tease them, we need to treat them like our family. Animal abuse is one of the biggest mistakes of humans. We need to correct this.

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