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A modest proposal

Today with the 4.0 scientific and technological revolution, messages or information of users are sent by clicks or entered on social media such as Messenger, Instagram, and hundreds of social networking sites other. Social networks have connected people all over the world, erasing the distance of space and time thanks to that fast speed and convenience. Of the overuse of social networks, young people nowadays practice their own unhealthy lifestyle – virtual life. Let us ask ourselves what will happen if we keep immersing ourselves in the unrealistic way of life. In the old days, people often wrote letters and waited for replies for a very long time because the far of the distance, and the means of transportation inconvenience. Should we improve these issues by destroying modern smartphones and social networking sites? Return to the Stone Age so that we don’t get overwhelmed by the temptation of social media.

Today, we can easily see the image of young people plugged into their phones to surf social networks. Believe me, the time we live in the virtual world is more than the time we spend in reality. To prevent people who will get lost in the way of things like that. The only way we can do it is to completely eradicate social media and electronic devices from around the world. If we can eliminate all that, people will return to a normal life, we will no longer matter in terms of ‘virtual life’ anymore, which will make things more interesting. Specifically, thanks to government intervention, electrical equipment, and social media will be confiscated and taken to a place called a tech morgue to burn and destroy every electronic device in the world. In the future, the state will give strict laws on technology issues. Do not allow anyone or any form to make illegal social media. For the common good of the community and the future not to be engulfed in delusions, we should act decisively. Those who are found to possess or have any intention of profiting from social media will be penalized appropriately. A misdemeanor is when using the media, the punishment for that is long-term imprisonment. A more serious crime is that when stored and passed on to others for use, the punishment may be imprisonment or worse, and may be sentenced to death. Then this society is not affected by the negative influence of the media anymore.

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Once this becomes a reality, then it is time for human civilization to flourish. The ban on electronics and social media makes it possible that this society will one day be safer, and people will live in a more realistic world. For example, if the means and gaming machines are no longer available, then the odds of being near-sighted or their poor eyesight will not increase. As children will not spend hours and hours looking at the screen of their phone or computer. Or for adults, when phones are removed from life, people will focus on their driving and work. They will not be distracted, which will not lead to unfortunate traffic accidents, and their jobs will be successful before the deadlines. Nowadays the world especially young people has suffered from an extremely serious disease which is obesity. The cause of this serious problem is that they spend too much time watching TV and eating fast food while sitting in front of the TV. The solution to this is, of course, to get rid of television and social media. Encourage people to actively go home to exercise and due to exercise, then the obesity rate will be reduced to an acceptable way. Example for the problem in my school that I am assigned homework, especially essays or subjects that require my own thinking, I will not be able to use computers to perform tasks on my behalf, so the rates of plagiarism will not be increasing because I have nowhere to copy or consult for my essays. Although the essays when completed will not be good and actually really bad, they will appreciate my learning ability without any fraud. Society will be more and more developed and advanced since positive energy comes from the absence of social media, and everyone deserves to be happy.

In today’s life, as technology advances, we should properly recognize its role in each person’s life. That is to understand that it is a tool to serve our lives, do not turn it into an invisible controller and let it dominate our lives. We have missed too many different options to solve this serious problem. Parents who teach their children, they want their children not to be passionate about social networking sites. Parents can encourage children to spend time with family, meet friends, read socialize, or do other things. This way, kids and even we will actually forget about the time we are wasting on useless social networking sites. Instead, it accumulates new skills and develops children’s creativity from extracurricular classes and communication skills when learning from the outside. But ‘forcing’ a child to give up using social media is hard to do in ‘one night’. It means that parents do not persistently follow and closely follow the actions of their children because they are busy making money, worrying, and living for the life of the children but forget about educating their children, buying computers for their children to serve needs learning, but did not expect it to create conditions for me to stick with, depend on it. So I think the easiest thing is to cancel it because if the media no longer exists, no one will be attracted to it anymore. The school should also have timely educated its students. Teach them extracurricular activities, propaganda them life skills education in general, and the harmful effects of social networks. But in case the biggest reason is still the addict. Social media addiction is like alcoholism or drug addiction. Social addicts always feel satisfied when surfing Facebook, and Instagram … They will feel so down and empty when they can not use them and then realize that they are too dependent and difficult to get out. Those addicted themselves need to be sober and alert, awake and self-mastery. Find yourself a joy in daily life, open your heart, and communicate with people, you will realize there are many wonderful and interesting things around you. But if we cannot get rid of that temptation, then the reception of bad and false information leads to misleading and wrong perceptions. People using social networks are often lazy to mobilize, resulting in the syndrome of numbness in the joints, back pain, numbness in the neck and neck, and even leading to sudden death. Many strokes caused by gaming and web surfing have occurred in many countries around the world, alerting those who are spending a lot of time on this. That suggests approaching social networks is a big mistake. When we overuse it, taking virtual worlds instead of real life is an incredibly stupid job. Because of this, I once again affirm my measures are extremely safe and effective. Eliminating electrical equipment and media will create an increasingly prosperous society and save humanity from its doom in the future.

Finally, to be able to limit the current phenomenon of social media addiction, it requires largely the awareness of the user. We must be aware that the media is just a mere entertainment tool, and never let it make us parasitic on it. This ‘addiction’ also affects our own health very much. The result of that is the regret, the loss both physically and mentally. This is really dangerous that we can hardly predict. When we spend time online, we are immersed in an unrealistic virtual world. Once we come back into the real world, then we will feel abandoned, feeling strange, and it is impossible to determine for us the right direction in reality. Sometimes worse, we realize that our feelings for our parents are increasingly fractured, and our friends would shun us. Actually, social development is a good thing, a world in which friendships and exchanges are quick and closer together but it should be put in the right and reasonable direction. Therefore, each of us regardless of age needs to have a proper awareness about the use of media today. Let’s be passionate about our work, and dedicate our youth to community activities. Don’t let social media or electronic devices make us victims, and don’t waste time surfing the web, likes, or comments every day. These are useless things that are slowly destroying our lives. We need to allocate time for work, life, and social networks reasonably. We should refine the useful information in the virtual world to serve our lives. So, stay healthy, use social media appropriately, and let it be a means to help us grow and be better. Each of us, let’s reflect on ourselves, see what we have done over the past time, and how to use social networks. Is it too much of a waste of time for them? Put your phone down, and step into the real world with countless interesting and fascinating things waiting for us.

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