In this module, you will bring together all your work on the research project to write the final report. Review the research you did and your instructor’s comments on your project papers.In your research project final report, include the following:
Overview of the organization—mission and strategy, products and services, internal and external environment
Analysis of the talent pools in the organization and selection of pivotal talent pool
Recommended staffing model for the pivotal talent pool you identified
Recommendation for development of internal talent as a part of the model (If internal recruitment is not possible, provide a sound rationale for it.)
Estimated risk of attrition and retention strategies
References, eight to ten sources beyond the textbook
Write the final report in 12–15 pages in a Word document. Follow the APA style for writing, editing, and citation of sources.I have attached my other research papers for reference when compialling information for this final paper.

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