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Among the many organizations around the world, Amazon stands out for its scale and innovation. It is the largest e-commerce and cloud computing company. The purpose of Amazon, like any other similar company, is to maximize profit. In this regard, the organization is famous for its harsh working conditions, forcing workers to act to the limit of their capabilities. Such a policy is typical for corporations of this level; however, the executive director, Jeff Bezos, has his vision for Amazon’s future. According to him, it is directly connected with the prospect of all humankind. He is trying to advance promising technologies as far as possible. Bezos wants to create a safe and comfortable future for emerging generations in which they will not have to worry about anything. Bezos’s distant goals include the creation and development of the space program. However, it is necessary to accumulate enough funds and collect enough technology.

Like any other organization, Amazon’s strengths and weaknesses can be analyzed internally and externally. In the case of Amazon, its strongest point is its executive director, as well as the accumulated capital. Due to its broad reach and a massive marketplace for goods and services, Amazon has secured a strong market position. At the same time, the entrepreneurial leader Bezos is continuously expanding the company, conquering new areas of activity. It helps Amazon steadily grow and increase its capital and influence in the international market. However, the complex internal structure is the weak point of the organization. Since Amazon currently owns many formations, managing them at the same time can be extremely difficult. Thus, the size and complexity of Amazon’s structure may be an internal weakness of the corporation that impedes its operation.

From the outside, a massive number of company divisions allows it to feel confident in the market. At the same time, it is not even necessary for Amazon itself to purposefully search for new contracts. However, the company’s size and policy are weak points that threaten its further development. Very often, an organization is criticized because of its strict monopolization of the market, as well as of the exploitation of employees and harsh working conditions. Thus, because of its desire to achieve maximum profit, the company allows itself too much, and this is its weak point.

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