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It has come to our notice that numerous clients have commented on the “unprofessional attire” with some of our staff members. In line with the recent dress code policies developed by the communication manager, the following previews and revisions have been made for the effective implementation of the policies.

Due to these contentious issues concerning the company’s dress code, the company’s executives have settled down on adopting appropriate dress code policies. Through these policies, the company, through detailed consultations, has decided to abolish all dress codes that are ranked unprofessional, unethical, and provocative. As a result, the following policies have been reinstated. Clothing should be free from all distracting words or logos, jewelry and body piercing should not be overemphasized, religious head coverings are accepted, conservative shoes and sandals are acceptable. To conserve and improve the company’s image, the company has abolished the following dress codes bib overalls, sweat pants, exercise pants, yoga pants, shorts, leggings, all hats, crocs, clothes that are torn, sundress, beach dresses, and spaghetti strap dresses. Some of this clothing is not only provocative but also inappropriate for the office. In addition, most of our employees’ task involves interaction with prospects, clients, and business; hence, this collaborates with the company objectives. Therefore, this will ensure that the supervisors effectively implement these policies.

Contrary to the previous dress code policies, the company has decided not to implement some of the proposed policies. Among these policies is the abolition of miniskirts, flashy sandals, flip flops, athletic shoes. Nevertheless, the company shall ensure that the dressings, which are not abolished, shall not be provocative and unethical. As a result, all staff members are encouraged to dress in accordance with the new policies as this will not only improve our public image but also put our company on edge among our competitors.

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