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Introduction to New Dress Code Policy

In order to maintain and protect the professional image of the Altman Corporation, while at the same time maintaining a comfortable work environment, a new dress code policy is being instituted.

This document provides guidelines for dress and appearance. The guidelines apply to all employees including student interns. Everyone will need to exercise good judgment in the application of the code and discuss with their supervisors any questions or concerns about the guidelines.

General principles applicable to all employees:

  1. Seams on all clothing must be finished. Clothes cannot be torn, ripped or frayed.
  2. Pants should be neat and pressed. Classic styles such as chinos and dressy capris are unacceptable. They are civilian ware and not professional. Slacks of any kind are not professional either.
  3. Sweat pants, exercise pants, yoga pants, shorts and leggings are unacceptable. Spandex biking shorts are also unacceptable. This is not an exercise class.
  4. No bib overalls accepted.
  5. Jeans of any kind are unacceptable. Jeans are too casual and do not depict a professional environment for such a corporation.
  6. Underwear should not be visible above the waistline of the clothing. Neither should undergarments be visible through shirts.
  7. Women should wear skirts or dresses that are of reasonable length. They should not be similar to those worn in the nightclubs. Tight skirts are not appropriate for an office setting.
  8. Short skirts, beachwear and bare backs are inappropriate for the work place. This is not a beach.
  9. Dress shirts, casual shirts, turtlenecks and golf shirts are unacceptable. You are not working in a restaurant but an office.
  10. Inappropriate shirts or tops include tank tops, midriff tops, halter-tops, sweatshirts and t-shirts as outerwear.
  11. Clothing must be plain with no wordings, logos, pictures, cartoons or slogans. That is too casual.
  12. Political t-shirts are inappropriate. We are not campaigning for anyone.
  13. No athletic shoes allowed.
  14. Conservative loafers, sandals, boots, flats, dress heels and leather deck-type shoes are not acceptable. Neither of the above matches an office environment.
  15. Hats of any kind are unacceptable.
  16. Head coverings that are part of religious or cultural traditions are acceptable.
  17. All executives and PR Representatives must wear a suit and tie.
  18. For cold seasons, decent half-sweaters or full-sleeve sweaters would be accepted. No jackets or raincoats are allowed.


Any individual who fails to adhere to the new dress code policy will receive a warning but if they persist, the individual might be sent home and the payment withheld. This will mean a final warning. Further persistence will lead to immediate termination.

Background Information

Following some complaints forwarded to the company due to the unprofessional attire of some of the Altman staff, the company is seeking to make changes to the attire. The initial draft was rejected and the senior VP requested another one to be drafted.

Revision Summary

Classic styles of chinos, slacks and dressy capris will no longer be accepted in the company’s dress code due to its unprofessionalism. They are too casual. Jeans will also not be regarded as part of the dress code. Jeans are casual and do not represent a professional atmosphere. Distress jeans are unacceptable also. Dress shirts, casual shirts, turtlenecks and golf shirts are clothing that are worn during vocation or sports therefore, they are not appropriate at the office.

All clothing must be plain and not contain any drawings or writings. This happens in restaurants and other non-formal areas, not in an office. Political t-shirts are also unacceptable because the firm does not do political campaigns. The PR Executives and Representatives will be expected to always be in a suit and tie. This would give them that appeal and they would look more professional.

Recommendation for Policy Adoption

I would like to encourage the staff of Altman Corporation to embrace the new dress code policy and dress appropriately and professionally. This new dress code would ensure that every employee and intern would look presentable and professional. The previous dress code made the offices look like a street since everyone wore whatever they felt like wearing. Clothing came in all shapes and colors and this caught the attention of the clients and not in a good way for that matter.

The dress code would also ensure uniformity in the dressing. The dress code will be strictly official, whether a permanent employee or an intern wears it. The dress code would also be used to give Altman Corporation its face. Since many clients visit the corporation, it would only be fair to make the clients feel like a professional lot is serving them. It would be very embarrassing to have a client, who is dressed in a full suit, being served by an executive dressed in a t-shirt, jeans and boots.

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