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How unescapable is prison? Well, many prisons may seem difficult but eventually, someone will figure a way out. Alcatraz was seen as an inescapable prison but that didn’t stop people from trying. Over the time that the prison was open, many people tried and failed to escape The Rock but not all. Many people have gone there even people like Al Capone have been locked up in prison. But there is still a lot of mystery surrounding the island. Although Alcatraz was built to be inescapable many people found flaws in the prison and can exploit them to make an attempt.

What was Alcatraz? Well, Alcatraz was a prison located in San Francisco, California. The prison is located on a single island and people needed to take boats to get in and out of the island. The prison was considered to be the most secure and inescapable prison in the world. Alcatraz held about around 1500 prisoners. The prison was a maximum security prison and opened in August 1934. Many famous criminals went to Alcatraz including people like Al Capone Machine Gun Kelly, and Robert Stroud also known as “The Birdman of Alcatraz.”

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Alcatraz was seen as the most secure prison and was maximum security. The entire island consisted of a prison and some houses for the people that worked there. The warden had the biggest house. Alcatraz was inescapable and many people tried to make attempts but the harsh water surrounding the island made it hard for the prisoners to make it off the island even if they got out of the prison.

In the Prison, there are many famous prisoners. The most famous of them all was Al Capone. Al Capone was the “american gangster.” He was born in Brooklyn, New York. During the prohibition in 1920 Al Capone thrived off of selling alcohol, prostitutes, and gambling. Even though Al Capone was the reason for multiple acts of violence and murders, he was put into prison for tax evasion. That is when he went to Alcatraz. He died on January 25, 1947.

Another famous prisoner was Machine Gun Kelly another American Gangster. He was born in Memphis, Tennessee. His real name was George Kelly Barnes, but he got the nickname from his favorite gun the Thompson submachine gun. He thrived during the prohibition era. Kelly moved to avoid the law and save his family from any harm that could come their way. He was in and out of jail a lot and was considered a model inmate by most. Then eventually he went to Alcatraz for kidnapping. He died on July 18, 1954.

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