Complete the following using the Airline Delay Scenario and Questions document:Write a 250 word paper that answers the question provided below.*Are there large differences in performance among the airlines?
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Airline Delay.
Case Study Questions
OPS/420 Version 1
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Airline Delay Case Study
You have an ambitious plan to create a fast ground transportation service in areas of high flight delays
targeting wealthy business travelers. You want to identify large metropolitan airports with higher than
normal fight delays. Your advertisement must target those airlines known to have the worst reputation in
delays. Your first assignment is to compare airlines based on their arrival times and causes of delays.
To understand you chosen market complete the following:
1. Examine airline data collected by the United States Department of Transportation for a large
metropolitan airport in the eastern or western parts of the US.
2. Decide which airport serves a large metropolitan city near the eastern or western part of the US.
3. Select that airport and date range of at least one year (once you click the submit button there is a
hyperlink to “Download Raw Data” just to below and to the right of the result heading).
4. Save as a Microsoft® Excel file once opened.
5. Perform quality control statistical analysis.
For a fuller explanation of the column headings, see the frequently asked questions hyperlink below the
pie chart. However, arriving flights is the total flights arriving for that carrier during that month and year.
The column heading “arr_del15” is the cumulative minutes that is over 15 minutes’ delay for all carrier
flights arriving in that month and year. Those total delay minutes are apportioned to various causes in the
next columns such as carrier’s fault, extreme weather, National Aviation System delays, security delays,
and late arriving aircraft causing a knock-on effect with delayed departures.
Assignment: Analyze the data and provide appropriate descriptive statistics. For continuous data
calculate and show UCL and LCL calculations, and create x-bar chart and R-chart depending on the
sample size. For discrete data, calculate and show UCL and LCL calculations, and create p-chart and cchart.
Answer these five questions:
1. Of these four chart types, which are the most appropriate given the data? Defend your choice.
2. Based on your findings, what your conclusions on which airlines are the worst and which are the
3. Are there large differences in performance among the airlines?
4. If you have chosen to use more than one tool, are you finding the tools equally useful or is one
better at capturing differences in performance?
5. Based on what you have learned so far, how would you perform this analysis or collect data
differently in the future?
United States Department of Transportation. (2016). Bureau of transportation statistics, Airline On-Time
Statistics and Delay Causes [Data File]. Retrieved from:
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