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“Advertising may be described as the science of arresting human intelligence long enough to get money from it.” This quote as stated by Stephen Lealock who was a renowned economist and humorist gives an ideal description of the category of advertising that I would be flowing in this paper.

There are several kinds of advertising techniques that can be followed but the implementation of any one depends upon the nature of the product. When persuading the target market into buying a product that they do not necessarily need, the medium that would be chosen should be able to lay impact so as the consumer may not be able to ignore it. An idyllic media for this type of advertising is the use of television ads or promos.

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Advertising is a form of above-the-line promotion as it is usually directed towards the appropriate target market by selecting certain media but it is likely that many people who are unlikely to purchase the product might see the advertisement too.

Advertisements are often classified into two types; informative advertisement, which are the adverts that give information about the product such as the price, main features or technical specifications.

The other form is Persuasive advertising, which is the process of creating a distinct brand image or identity and it may not contain details or specifications about the product.

There are a number of factors that affect the choice of medium that is to be used for advertisements. The major considerations are of the cost of advertising, the size of the audience, the message to be communicated, the law and other constraints.

Television ads are a form of broadcast advertisements and it is one of the most popular advertising medium that there is. The issues that need to be considered when launching television advertisement include the duration of the advertisement, the time of broadcast and the channel on which the advertisement would be broadcasted. All these factors need to be considered with respect to the target audience.

When selling a product that is not a necessity or requirement for the people, it would be feasible to use the persuasive advertisement approach. First, the target audience needs to be recognized. Television has the advantage of catering to a large audience and of being a more active and dynamic form of advertisement.

It is important for television commercials to be attractive and eye catching. The content of the ads would reflect the target audience. For example, when addressing teenagers, a celebrity appearance in an ad could be influential. Similarly, humor, script and other factors need to be considered according to the market that is being targeted.

A new revolution in television ads is the documentary style ads, which is a new concept in television commercials where commercials are created in such a fashion that they seem more like television content and hence, retain more customers.

In conclusion, it should be stated that television advertisements are said to be the most influential in mass marketing as they attract the consumers and hook an interest in them about the product. Moreover, with upcoming concepts such as the documentary style advertisements, viewers do not feel that their television programs are being interrupted and do not skip these commercials.

Therefore, television can target a large market, and can psychologically persuade them into developing an interest in the product and thus buying something that they did not really need prior to the advertisement.

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