University Challenge – S52E22 – UCL v Newcastle: What to Expect and How to Prepare?

University Challenge is a long-running British television quiz show which invites university students from across the UK to compete for their universities in an intense test of knowledge and general intelligence. This week’s episode featured UCL (University College London) and Newcastle University in an exciting battle of wits, with UCL emerging victorious by 275 to 135 points .

This match in particular was particularly special because it demonstrated the sheer level of intelligence and knowledge held by students at both universities. UCL showcased their expertise in fields such as literature, philosophy and history, while Newcastle provided a great showing in ancient languages, mathematics and sciences. It was truly impressive to see the contestants engage with each other on all sorts of topics while still managing to keep their cool under pressure!

The amazing display of intellect put forth by UCL and Newcastle goes to show that university students have immense potential when it comes to education and learning. This is something that should be celebrated, not just by those at universities, but also by high-schoolers who are currently studying for their A-Levels or considering which university to apply for.

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