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The term “Bank” is derived from the latin word “bancus”, Italian word “banca”, French word “banque” which means bench used by medieval money exchanges and German word “bank” which means joint stock company. According to oxford dictionary bank means “an establishment for keeping money and valuable safety of the money being paid out on the customer order by means of cheque.

Historically, banks have been recognized for the great range of financial services they offer from checking accounts of saving plans to loan for businesses consumers and governments. Hence, bank can be identified by the function they perform in the economy. Bank is a financial institution which deals with money. Banks collect the money from the surplus unit (savers) and lend to deficit units (users). Bank raises the funds by accepting deposits, borrowing funds and issuing equity.

These funds are used by the banks to buy securities and to make loans. Since, it accepts deposits and grants loan, it is regarded as the trader of money. Banks can be divided int three types on the basis of their functions and services ie. Central bank, Commercial bank and Development bank. Commercial bank offer services to individuals, hey are primarily concerned with receiving deposits and lending to businesses. Commercial bank is also known as the financial service needs in the economy. 1. Introduction of Nabil Investment Banking Nabil Bank Limited, the first foreign joint venture bank of Nepal, started operations in July 1984. It has paid up capital of NRs200 million. Nabil was incorporated with the objective of extending international standard modern banking services to various sectors of the society. Pursuing its objective, Nabil provides a full range of commercial banking services through its 47 points of representation across the kingdom and over 170 reputed correspondent banks across the globe.

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Nabil Bank Limited with its mission to be the 1st Choice Provider of Complete Financial Solutions ventured into capital market related activities and incepted its fully owned subsidiary – “Nabil Investment Banking Ltd. (Nabil Invest)” which renders investment banking related services to the masses. Thus, Nabil Invest targets to establish itself as one of the leading Merchant Bankers in its short p of operation and as an Investment Banker with strong professional expertise in long run introducing innovative products and services in the Nepalese capital market with strict adherence to prevailing rules and regulations. Services of Nabil Investment Banking Nabil Invest renders its institutional and retail clients wide range of services some of which are delivered currently while others will be delivered in due course with required exploration & innovation and due approval received from the Regulators as and when required, detailed as under.

Management of Public Offers/Further Public Offers Nabil Invest renders both its institutional and retail client services of managing public offer of shares/ debentures/right issuance of securities to existing shareholders/further public offer of securities etc to its clientele and has team of professional expertise to render quality services at competitive rates. . Underwriting Nabil invest on selective basis post independent appraisal of proposals reviewed through its professional team is rendering underwriting related services to its clientele as SEBON has made it mandatory for all institutions going public to underwrite at least fifty percent of the securities on offer prior public issue. Portfolio Management

The Clients can delegate all their investment management related decisions to a pool of corporate finance experts of Nabil Invest who inturn will use the vast pool of industry specific data collected and analyzed by its research unit for making investments for clients portfolio which focuses primarily on safety of principal investment along with maximization of returns to Clients. Registrar to Securities (RTS)

Nabil Invest renders Registrar to Securities (RTS) related services to the valued shareholders of its institutional client and in the process keep on improving quality & timely delivery of services, the major hitch in this nature of services by competing institutions. Loan Syndication Nabil Invest will use its existing relationship with other Banks/Financial Institutions to acquire required financial support for the financial closure of certain projects which it identifies as feasible and recommends for investment.

The financial closure will be reached with either one institution or a syndicate of Banks/Financial Institutions depending on the size of projects and the requirement to diversify the risks to various portfolios from the part of member Banks/Financial Institutions. 6. Other Services Besides the services identified, Nabil Invest will always keep on exploring innovative products and services that matches regional and global standards and target to launch the same in customization with the local market with due approval taken from the Regulators, if & when required.

Thus, Nabil Invest intends to cater wide clientele rendering Investment Banking related services setting example and obtaining first mover advantage in the capital market of the country.

From the analysis, Nabil Invest has 74. 29% capital of Nabil Bank and 25. 71% capital of CG Finco P. Ltd. However, the proposed capital structure of NI is 52% of Nabil Bank, 18% of CG Finco P. Ltd and 30% of General Public. The income statement of Nabil Invest shows increasing trend of profit in each fiscal year ie. NRs 7985000 in F/Y 2010/11 and negative NRs 529000 in F/Y 2009/10. In fiscal year 2010/11 the profit was contributed by the interest income which not only incorporates return on equity placement but also the proceeds realized in the form of sharing of interest income.

The balance sheet of Nabil Invest shows the increase in amount of share capital of Nabil Invest as well as increased in fixed assets and other assets. From Investments Portfolios of Nabil Invest, it is recognized that highest amount of investment has been made for the Government Treasury Bills in each fiscal year. The lowest amount of investment has been made for other investments like NCM Mutual Fund and Swift Investment.

Nabil Investment Banking Ltd. (Nabil Invest). Nabil Investment over the period will be managing public issues, underwriting of securities, management of client’s portfolio & rendering the services of the registrar to securities to client institutions. In addition, the unit will also be delivering Bond/Debenture Trusteeship services, work as Assets Management Company of the mutual fund promoted by Nabil, provide investment advisory services etc.

Further, the Unit will keep on exploring and introducing innovative instruments in the Nepalese capital market. It is providing innovative, quality and timely services to the investors at large. Thus, the ultimate goal of Nabil Invest would be to stabilize the unit as just not a Merchant Banker but as an Investment Banker providing innovative, quality and timely services to the investors at large. This would differentiate itself from its competitors and create a niche of itself in the market.

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