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GEOCODES is an organization of ambitious and responsible people representing the Saudi Consulting Company and strives to transmit technical knowledge through consultations, training, and innovative solutions.

What is the distinguishing feature of GEOCODES?

The company provides solutions for various events and organizations and prepares the community for participation in global technology programs, hackathons, and marathons. GEOCODES strives to increase technical awareness and connect the academic and industrial sectors, so it provides well-thought-out solutions and experience in this field.

What is the mission of GEOCODES?

The company’s mission is to offer modern tools and training in the field of technology for the modernization of Saudi Arabia by bringing knowledge to business and education. The main efforts are aimed at improving the technological work of universities, as well as training students to create a society of technologically educated people. Innovations in education and industry are the basis for the current progress and modern development of the country.

What can GEOCODES offer?

GEOCODES’s primary goal is to create a common platform on which students and developers can implement innovative solutions and technical developments. Therefore, GEOCODES can offer its experience and knowledge for the implementation of such goals, as well as resources, such as software for creating sites and applications or analytical tools.

The main areas of GEOCODES’ specialization

The company welcomes everyone who wants to understand IT and its application in business and helps to master the most relevant and popular areas. These areas are Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Computing, Date and Analysis, Cybersecurity, Application and Web-sites Development, E-commerce, Supply Chain Management, Internet of Things, and Smart City.

GEOCODES offer these solutions for all people who want to bring technologies into their lives or business and share their vision of Saudi Arabia’s development.

GEOCODES – “Connecting people with digital transformation.”

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